Grade the Season 2 finale of 'Roswell, New Mexico':

  • Leeann Benedetti - 2 months ago

    I loved it. I'm glad Liz leaves to continue her work and to get some real head space from Max but we all know she will be back and I am hoping that she and Max get back together.

  • Makia Sax - 4 months ago

    I love the whole plot. I love Liz and Max. I hope they can work it out. I love bringing in about the 3 some and homosexuality. Because it's a part of life. If people bring their heads out of the sand. Except reality we can move into a more peaceful world. I love all the characters. I can' t wait for season 3. I hope it turns in too one of the longest running series in TV history. LOVE YA ALL!❤❤❤

  • Annalisa White - 8 months ago

    I really like this show. This season was good, I did like last season better probably because of getting to know everyone. What really interested me in this season was Michael and Maria, I love them together. I was upset when they all of a sudden broke up. I do like Alex and Michael but I believe their story is over, was great and now it's done. As for Max and Liz please get that back on track, they have a connection and I was very bummed we didn't see it like we did in the first season. I really enjoyed Isobel this season, she was great and it would have been great to see her and Kyle hook up. Kyle is in a good place also, I can't wait to see what comes of Kyle and Steph, that is very interesting.

  • Lynn Dorio - 8 months ago

    I adore the show and Janine and Nathan, of course. I have followed the whole 1947/48 story about Nora and Louise. I have followed all the Manes's parts of the story. But I am totally perplexed about why Isobel says to Max, when he comes back to life, that he has been in stasis for 12 years. Where did that come from? Was it a mistake or will someone explain it in season 3. It boggles my mind.

  • Vanessa Williams - 8 months ago

    I LOVE the honest portrayal of homosexual couples and the difficulties they experience. Alex's struggles with his father feel very authentic. I think Alex and Michael are the best part of the show and I hope the producers don't steer away from the the path.

  • Josh - 8 months ago

    I definitely do not like Liz and max splitting up. I felt the struggle they had, the destiny to be together almost was overwhelming. Not a sap for the lovey stuff but after telling a story about how there love is true and her to just “break up” seemed a little unrealistic. If they were to get back together after this break up I would not be a fan as it is inconsistent.

  • Mrs. - 9 months ago

    I agree with the comments about not wanting the homosexuality or threesome storylines but for me the constant alcoholism and sex without responsibility or conscience culture is also represented. The only thing the show is missing is polygamy which is not a bad thing but most people think it is.

    The innocence of the level of love and restraint in some instances that Max is capable of stands out to me as a sharp contrast to the rest and makes it for me... it makes this series one where I can wrap myself up in and call it home ... Max probably resonates with Twilight fans and to those who married their high school sweethearts or dreamt they would. I really hope that he finds someone that he can live with a pure love... just NOT Liz. She is amazing ... So You Think You Can Dance star but her character was not able to love Max back in a way he deserves.

    The show has elements from very successful series ... the editing is amazing. Each of the actors are truly amazing. The writing is successful in developing characters. I love this series because of Max.

  • J - 9 months ago

    Roswell would have been the #1 show in America IF it wasn’t drowned in the Gay/Lesbian agenda. So close, so disappointed.

  • Veronica Murphy - 9 months ago

    I thought it was great I love Michael and Alex. They should get back together. I think it’s great how are so diverse and include all races and sexual orientations. The episode with Alex, Michael and Maria was beautifully done. Keep doing what your doing. It’s important to represent everyone. The world is full of all kinds of people it’s nice to see it represented on tv.

  • maddie - 9 months ago

    I think Michael and Alex SHOULD get together in the end. Their love is unique and reminds me of a book i read about two people who discovered a part of themselves in each other(i’m aware Alex knew he was gay long before Michael) They found security, love and hope, in each other. When fate screwed things up, Alex left and i think they both lost that part of each other and when they met up again it reconnected, it sparked up again. Even after so long, that love does not die. It does not fade, no matter the obstacles. It explains why Michael was chasing after Maria but turned all attention to alex when needed, mentioned, when he wanted. idk, i just feel like Alex and Michael should be endgame.

  • Becky Smith - 9 months ago

    We love nearly all of Roswell, but (this will be very politically incorrect) but we get sick and tired of Hollywood craming the gay agenda down our throats. When you had the 3-some with Maria, Michael and Alex, we ALMOST stopped watching all together, even though it is one of our favorite shows. The gay agenda has nothing to do with the plot. I agree...Maria and Michael make a strong couple and the whole Alex-Forrest relationship needs to go away. We can hardly find a show anymore on any station that doesn't introduce some gay or lesbian agenda-Supergirl. this is feedback for the producers. Not all watchers want to see the gay agenda. If you continue with this, we will stop watching.

  • Rebekah Stockwell - 9 months ago

    I think the couples should be Michael and Maria and Alex and Forrest. I really liked them this season! Tyler Blackburn gave an INCREDIBLE performance in his song. That song is like Alex on a page, the way it tied in his father, his military life, and his past feelings for Michael was awesome. I’m so glad that Steph is getting better and that she and Kyle are together!! I love them so much! I felt really bad for Kyle at the beginning of this season when he said that he was still in love with Liz and I’m glad that he found someone he can be with that will love him. I still think there’s more to Steph that hasn’t been explored and I hope that in future episodes we find out more about her. I mean, one of the first few times we saw her she very quickly stuffed the bottle of nail polish remover in her purse when Kyle can in and I’ve been intrigued by her character ever since. This episode had me crying so much and especially that scene!!!!!

  • Blaney - 9 months ago

    Maria and Michael need to get back together , they are the power couple where their pasts are the key to their future

  • Reina - 9 months ago

    As a loyal fan of the the original Roswell series I was disappointed with the first season and the changes that were made to the key characters. However, this season has been much better and more interesting. I hope in the new season you will continue to explore the alien history of the three. Liz and Max need to be eternally linked obviously. But so do Maria and Michael. They were the the two power couples and basis of the charm of the original Roswell series as well as the books that they were based on.

  • Cathleen Mohr - 9 months ago

    I found it to be very well done with a beautiful underlying theme of strength and self actualization. Loved Tyler Blackburn’s performance.

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