Grade 'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 overall:

  • McClure Angie - 9 months ago

    Love the show. I lived in Alamogordo NM for three years not far from Roswell. I heard from locals about supposed aliens. I thought the history of the town was extremely interesting and still do. Keep up the good work.

  • Veronica - 9 months ago

    I loved the entire season. I never get bored. I preferred more chapters so you can give us a little more details of the story. I wants to know more about Patricia and Mimi also how much Mimi knows about the 3 of them. Why Patricia participate on project sheppard? Did she realized was part alien? Did she met her mother Louise? When Tripp gave her the diary? Was she able to help escape from the prision an alien?

    I thought Forest it was going to be that bad entity behind them but I would loved to see how that love story evolve. Even when I still think he is going to be bad. Is something about the poem (the cage, the fees, the prisioner wanderer) and his love for Nazi history and World War II. Alex needs to start feeling good on his skin and think Forest can help him with that. Forest is a very sentitive and sharp eyed person but on season 3 we will discover how Deep sky affect him. Is he an undercover agent?

    If you wants to empower a woman, Isobel needs to be that girl. I wants to see what she is capable to do with Noah money. I wants to see her with a plan of what is going to do from now on, not just explore the sexuality.

    Gregory Manes I hope that lovely character appear on season 3. Maybe as a partner for Isobel or Rosa. I hope he don't get traumatize for murder his father or get remorse when he discover Michael is an alien. How much he knows about Malex? I want more details about Alex, Flint and Greg past story, when they were child and teenagers. What they wants to be? Greg seems to be a great prospect to be a dad or husband.

    I loved to met the good, charming, sweet, and lovely side of Michael. I melt with the conversation between Isobel and Guerin about a family and the alien baby gravy ????. My heart break ???? with the argument with Alex on how Alex have hope on humanity and the ability to change. That tear on Michael face at the end of the conversation and the way he spoke to Jesse when he find out it was him who kidnapped Alex. Wao just wao. Michael have a heart. I loved the evolution of this character.

    I have still have some questions about Manes Man. Why jesse hate aliens? It is because he thought Nora or Louise murdered Tripp? Why his wife leave him with the boys? Did he never saw or met Louise at the indian reservation? Did project sheppard had the opportunity to test on humans? Why Tripp brother kills him? Did Trip had the opportunity to save someone from the prision? I hope Tripp diary can give us more information about the past.

    I enjoy the moral and ethic conversation about the things that we create or develop with the best intentions to be use on the best intererest of humanity but ends to be used to destroy. Charlie develop a serum to kill just an specific target and his family but no one else. She believes this was good but the closes family of target X are not guilty about his behavior and decisions. Soo that means that if your son , daughter or parents was found guilty from any crime you are going to die with them. That is bad but she believes it was great until they wants to use it on Manes family. ????‍♀️ I believe that Liz is going for the same path than Charlie until she finds out her mistake. I hope it was not late to stop her. Liz lab work helped Max, Isobel, Maria, Steph but also have the potential to harmed and she needs to be very careful about that. Now he have to find out if Steph is not going to have side effects for the medications provided to save her.

    Max ????
    Rosa ????
    Flint ???????????? Can he be able to forgive and forget what happen? Is he part alien now? What is going to be his power? What is his story? Did he loves someone?
    Charlie ???? I think she is going to be the new scientist helping Max, Isobel and Michael, at least until Liz comes back. I wants to know more about her contribution to Project Sheppard.

    Kyles mother ???? what else she knows about them and Valenti findings?

    Charlie sister ????

    In summary I enjoy and loved the season 2. Ready

  • Nathan - 9 months ago

    To the question of the name of the song made 10 hours ago, it was in the credits: music and lyrics by Leslie Powell, Charlie Snyder and Carina Adly MacKenzie titled 'Would You Come Home'.
    'There's nothing on this Earth like live music. It makes your bones lighter, no matter where you are you feel like you belong'.

  • Lorraine Sitro-Reale - 9 months ago

    LUV the show, just felt season 2 moved too quick in regards to each episodes, not enough time to let details settle inand be figured out before we jumped to next scene. Would like to have seen Michael more "romantically involved", with Maria, not enough time spent on that. I do record and rewatch shows, stopping them, thinking and even going back to make sure I "got it" before going on. I do enjoy learning something new every time I rewatch. ☮I come in peace! Overall luv the characters, especially Michaels story.

  • George Smith - 9 months ago

    What is the name of the song Alex was singing, loved it?

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