Daily Performance Legging, $84

  • Marybeth, who usually lurks - 4 weeks ago

    Agree with everyone who said they look great, great quality, but I can't imagine paying that kind of money for leggings. I have many nice pairs with pockets and everything that cost $25-30 max.

  • Leanne in Greenville NC - 4 weeks ago

    I said no because of price, but they do look like they fit well and are thick and of good quality. So now I’m torn.

  • Martha - 4 weeks ago

    Almost clicked yes until I saw the price. Costco has great leggings.

  • Amara Bray - 4 weeks ago

    Just the price makes it a no. Jeesh.

  • PJ - 4 weeks ago

    Nice looking pants. Only you know how comfortable they are.

  • Ernie - 4 weeks ago

    I think they look great, but I confess the price forced me to give a no. If they were actual pants/leggins you would wear- then yes. But I personally would not spend thst much if you intend to just workout in them.

  • Tina - 4 weeks ago

    I think these look great but I voted no just because I couldn't get past the price.

  • MrsHLBjr - 4 weeks ago

    Oooh! I want more details on these leggings! I need better leggings. Well, I need better legs, too. These should help, no?

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