Would you let a white person shine your shoes?


  • Keyote - 4 years ago

    I'd have to review their most recent hygiene resume, complete with a reference check of their legs.

  • Kemdoc - 4 years ago

    The only shoe shines I see are at Union Station in DC and they’re all black. And they’re usually only shining the shoes of white men. If I make eye contact with the shiners I give a very respectful head nod. They go about their business with pride and professionalism from what I’ve seen.

  • ShayDeeDame - 4 years ago

    Man, you guys are so right about how the Trumpers are politicizing covid.
    I live in a small town in NV where we had our first Democratic Gov in damn-near forever. He just laid down the gauntlet, and said that masks are required here, beginning 6/27.
    Most people here don’t know a person who has had covid firsthand, and it shows by the way that half of the people in the stores are without masks. Of the people wearing masks, there are quite a few wearing them under their nose or chin, or hanging off an ear.
    Our 16 yr old son got sick in late February and was out for a week and a half with “a flu”, but was always testing negative when I would take him to urgent care or his primary care doc for the flu test. He had a fever, cough, you know the symptoms. Then, a couple of weeks later, my husband got sick and wasn’t able to get out of bed for 2 1/2 weeks. Same symptoms, still negative for flu.
    By this time, there were rumblings about covid, but according to the doctors, it wasn’t here yet.
    About 2 weeks after my hubby got sick, I got the same thing that they had. Except, because I’m immunocompromised, I was DEATHLY ill. My blood pressure and heart rate, which were previously low/normal, both increased by 30%. I also lost my sense of smell, and it hasn’t returned permanently. My heart rate and blood pressure are back to normal now, so I have that going for me.
    This shit is SERIOUS!!!
    This second wave seems to be hitting the small towns after we spent so much time feeling safe and sequestered. They’re using that as an excuse for why they don’t wear masks in public. From the rumblings in my city, and the actions of the average idiot here, we don’t stand a chance.

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