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  • Kim - 2 weeks ago

    Hi guys, I was so pleasantly surprised to hear y’all on the Spann Report! I found Mr Spann thru you. My other most fave is Nicju and Reg! Y’all in my top five with y’all number one, Anyhoo I’m a fellow Charlottean too. My cousin, his wife and their daughter went to Myrtle Beach a week ago and came back with the Rona. It hit him pretty hard and he has been hospitalized with covid and pneumonia in both lungs. What’s wild is he owns a couple of funeral homes. I’m hoping for the best. I’m kinda low key paranoid. I stay in touch with my doctor because allergies be making me wonder. I’m pretty antisocial and only go out for online pickups. My daughter was supposed to get married this past Saturday. She ended up doing a zoom wedding in Phoenix and all family here on the east coast. It was no way it was gonna happen in person. The world still turning and it’s cool. Love y’all

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