Do you agree with the decision to make face masks compulsory in Scotland's shops?

  • tac - 6 weeks ago

    I think its a bit like locking the gate after the horse has bolted but if this is now being enforced who is going to rule over it to make sure everyone does it? Also whats going to happen to people who cannot wear masks due to health reasons are they now to be refused entry into shops etc or do they all have to get a doctors letters saying they dont have to wear one? In the majority of supermarkets ive been in as soon as you get in after queueing with distance its like a free for all with no distancing going on or following the arrows, so if that cant be done correctly what chance or point is there to this rule being followed - it will be by some but not all.

  • linda murray - 6 weeks ago

    I think face masks should have been introduced a lot earlye,r but most of the time thay were only available on line and not every on has the opertunity to shop on lin or have a computer lik the older generation.OK use scarf foldedat leat twice to cover face and wash it once home. Nicola had to wait i think until she knew wat suplys the NHS had.ok you can make them but again not every on has a skill to do ths by hand or machine.

  • George - 6 weeks ago

    face masks should have been made compulsory from the start of the lockdown not 3 months later

  • Mr M - 6 weeks ago

    If nippy thinks its nessary why not enforce it last week its just point scoring with Boris
    I am in spain where they have been compulsory for about a month they are uncomfortable in short term for going to shops. God knows what it must be like for poor shop workers

  • Becca - 6 weeks ago

    £6 a mask? When in shops, they're bulked/cheaper. Also, bit expensive for some who've not been able to work, get an income etc..... Ridiculous.

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