Is a 50% reduction in murders doable by 2024?

  • ray - 5 weeks ago

    once again

    10 to 12 % are dumber then hammers

    who are you ignorantes???


  • robert corkrum - 5 weeks ago

    Don't Believe Werner,he is totally wrong about Tramp,!It took 31/2 years for him to put in different crooks in (the swamp) most of them have been found guilty by federal courts of being Liars ,thieves,con men and screwing the U.S. to make themselves rich.Tramp has loaded the Justice department with his bought men who do what he says.Remember when you pay an attorney they can not tell the truth because the client owns them.Never in the history of the U.S. government have sooo many government crooks been found guilty and fired or jailed.When the cartel is eliminated and not replaced things will get better.The use of drugs by U.S. must be slowed down before anything can get better.Also look at the virus problem,the U.S. is the worst in the world and getting worse every day under Tramps leadership.

  • Don - 5 weeks ago

    I love Mexico and their people and hope they can make some significant changes in the near future. The people need to take their country back. Maybe in 2024 we can lend them President Trump.

  • Werner - 5 weeks ago

    Why is everybody so negative on Mexico on this bloc?
    Amlo cleaning out the swamp and he is doing pretty well.
    The ex Pemex boss will be back soon from Spain and to save part of his skin will give great information on other crooks.
    It took Trump oveer 3 years to unmask the deep state and start cleaning the swamp, it will take a little more time in Mx

  • jimmy - 5 weeks ago

    El codo, you’re apparently well versed and eloquent. Your brilliant comment is...duly noted.

  • el codo - 5 weeks ago

    End of drug war? You dummies think druggies are going to work to pay for drugs. Look at California and legal Mota. Wotta buncha maroons. Yeah legal drugs will stop secuestros and Pisp.

    Take another hit and snort. You're delusional. Go back down in your basement and continue playing your X Box.

  • Jorge - 5 weeks ago

    Mexico, land where my father was born in 1922 will never be the same......worse tham pablo escobar / columbia

  • Walter Gussner - 5 weeks ago

    Virtually NOTHING GOOD is doable in Mexico! Just one corrupt "president" after another. And Obrador is not only corrupt, but just plain STUPID!

  • jimmy - 5 weeks ago

    If the U.S. war on drugs ends, the...maybe.

  • Paul - 6 weeks ago

    The track record of the past three Federal Governments in tackling and reducing Organised Crime, namely the Cartels, is shameful.
    Despite brave statements and totally ineffective strategies by the current AMLO Administration the situation is now so bad the whole concept of Law and Order has almost disappeared.

    I’m not sure what facts Don has to confirm his statement above of the AMLO Government “ significantly disrupting Organised crime” but statistics would ndicate no reduction, and in fact quite the opposite.

  • KENNETH HOLMES - 6 weeks ago

    I agree with Mike. I too love Mexico, But, one should be realistic.

  • Marisa - 6 weeks ago

    All shall be better than before, I trust Lopez Obrador more than the others, let's just hope!!

  • Grant Gresser - 6 weeks ago

    I love Mexico.

  • Mike - 6 weeks ago

    There's too much corruption in the system to make significant progress within 4 years. Police, politicians, judges, jail keepers all benefit from the current system and they have the most significant impact on crime. Also keep in mind that poverty breeds crime and Mexico doesn't have the social services nor tax base to deal with systemic poverty. I think they have to start all over again but that's not going to happen. In other words you can't get there from here. Mexico will always be Mexico. Best we can hope for is that it doesn't get any worse.

  • Don - 6 weeks ago

    The Mexican government seems to be significantly disrupting organised-crime in Mexico over the past many months

    If they stay true to their commitment there is likely a very good chance that they will significantly reduce the organised-crime cartel activities and the related killings.

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