With the Trump administration officially moving to pull the U.S. out of the World Health Organization as of next year, should it be done?

  • Renee O - 7 months ago

    Yes we need to pull out of WHO. They failed miserably at telling the world about this virus. They seem to have to strong of ties to China, which is a communist country and most likely will always be that way. China does not like America and never will. They just want what they can take from us. WHO should be strictly neutral concerning the worlds health but they seem to be politicized.

  • Bill Gordon - 7 months ago

    why should we pull out we helped build it. I just think its stupid and it shows we're not leaders in this.

  • Charles - 7 months ago

    @Cindy. Trump is not nearly as dangerous as any democrat. Just look how they are tearing down the country.

  • Cindy Barnett - 7 months ago

    Trump is dangerous and should be behind bars

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