Which of these activities have you performed on a mobile device in the past year? (Poll Closed)
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  • James Agnew - 7 months ago

    This poll really highlights one aspect of the US health system that is seriously outperforming other countries. Up here in Canada I think it's fair to say that very few of us could check off an option other than Fitness Trackers even if we wanted to.

  • David Butler - 7 months ago

    I hadn't thought about this given it's part of my professional (informatics) and personal (family, kids, and me) normal.
    I have
    1) Non-Family Member : Reviewed the chart of a newly diagnosed brain cancer (friend's father) once he sent me the ShareEverywhere code to log into their chart. Translated what went on in laymen terms and advised him of potential questions to ask of care team, etc. 2) Family member: just got dx'd with CHF and COVID in a Dallas hospital. Spent 3 days there. It was overwhelming to him. Left on 8 meds (you know the CHF routine). He signed up for the MyChart and sent me his log in etc. I was able to put together the story from the labs, echo, and studies (they didn't have the AVS or the Discharge Summary or Notes available for IP discharges...evidently...i didn't need it). Reviewed UTD and also GoodRx to navigate him to affordable meds #BIDIL?? (not happening without insurance). 3) Me: Reviewed Kaisers med list to make sure certain meds were removed from the list that I hadn't taken in a year or so. Reviewed Sutters' last GI appointment (full note and EGD results) in orde to double check my next appt. 4) Spouse: Looked at her last OB/Gyn appointment AVS (not notes as they weren't released) to determiine 'what did the doctor call it'...then I was able to help her navigate using layman terms and referenciing UpToDate to assure her that all t's were crossed, etc. So...in a nutshell...my main use has been for ADVOCACY for family and friends in helping them navigate this crazy health system.

  • LuckyG - 7 months ago

    I consider myself lucky to never have had to interact with my provider so much in last year, I've only had to make a phone call or two. Working on computer and tech issues all day, I realize I hate it within my own life. I prefer calling rather than logins and passwords and apps that are infrequently used.

  • Joe Clarke - 7 months ago

    Used my MyChart account from my previous physician to update records for my new PCP. Definitely helped. Using patient portals on my phone is so much easier & quicker than trying to get through a phone tree to talk to someone. Frequently responding to messages within 1-2 hours.

  • William (Bill) Reay - 7 months ago

    Can’t live without it.

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