2020 Styrian GP - Rate the race (Poll Closed)


  • pmallon - 9 months ago

    This wasn't a good race, in fact it was the worst one I have ever seen. It is right up their with the SFerrari it stepping on their own toes. (disclaimer: Vettel is my favorite driver and Ferrari is my favorite team.) That being said, while Leclerc might bave bested Vettel last year by a little bit, IMHO, it was hardly enough to justify the way they refused to resign via email. It was disrespectful, cowardly, unprofessional and not deserved in the slightest. Leclerc came in, broke orders, caused accidents, etc. Now he is at again. Grid penalties, poor quali result and caused the collision during the race retiring BOTH Ferraris on the first lap. Why on earth would they sign sainz? Money? They never even offered Vettel a reduced race. Don't get me wrong, leclerc is wicked fast,but also immature. Binotto should have left the line up alone. He is also sitting atop the Ferraris poor performance fiasco. I think he scapegoated Vettel to save his own skin and it crystal clear he has bungled all of it. Cmon Ferrari, find some unity drink it and get drunk.

    **Bring back Vettel and Kimi **

    Formula one is losing big with the current rules. So they might be a second quicker,but if they can't pass each other, what is the benefit. They need way fewer regulations and to get rid of these soul sucking engine monstrosities. Tell the twitter world you have some new (insert made up scenario) super efficient v10 and stop giving a shit the crap what the soy boy crowd are whining about today and start making a product us car guys actually want.

  • Diana Oliver - 9 months ago

    Sebastian Vettel has been an inspirational sportsman, so humble for his great achievements in motor racing. Has it been forgotten that he x4 world champion consecutive with Red Bull Racing which heightened their position in racing simultaneously. I had a dedication for Ferrari being part Italian and proud of Italy history in the revolution and engineering abilities but I am sorry now how embarrassing Ferrari have acted and used a champion in motor sports for their economic downfall. Go Seb, you should be engineering the next revolution of motoring and it’s sport. ????

  • Doug Preston - 9 months ago

    Great race Glad to see that'll doing bad never have liked him he's a prima donna sorry for Ferrari they deserve better!

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