Should local police be given responsibility to investigate crime?

  • Dennis - 4 weeks ago

    The only criminal acts that are resolved quickly, if at all, are the ones where a high-ranking official or someone who knows a high-ranking official is violated.

  • Mr Kelly Brown - 4 weeks ago

    Well, whoever's responsible for doing it now... just isn't doing it right

  • Skooby - 4 weeks ago

    No. The local police (beat cop), should only do a preliminary investigation to obtain the facts, which should be followed up by detectives and/or investigators that have more training and experience. Local police, no matter which city or county usually take favor to certain people in their jurisdiction and area if patrol which can lead to corruption and favoritism.

  • Grant Gresser - 4 weeks ago

    YES YES YES. How would you like the street people to do it????

  • Grant Gresser - 4 weeks ago

    Yes Yes the police should do the investagation do you think I should do it????

  • JiPi - 4 weeks ago

    More policemen to investigate mean more corruption in Mexico and right now it is very hard, or impossible, to find policemen, lawyers and judges NOT CORRUPTED

  • George - 4 weeks ago

    Duh! The job of the police is to enforce the laws. And to investigate the root cause(s) of a crime a nd to charge those identified as allegedly committing the crime.

    Then, it’s the the job of the Justice Department to determine what to do next and prosecute if it deems appropriate. And a judge, hopefully and a jury, decides.

    If the police don’t investigate alleged breaches of the law, who does?

  • Don - 4 weeks ago

    The police are very often one party involved, since they’re trying to do their job as a police officer protecting the public.
    So then investigating the crime after would seem to be a conflict of interest, especially if they didn’t do their policing job well.
    To minimise corruption and hopefully guarantee no conflict of interest it Seems to me that the rule of law requires that policing and investigating and the courts and the government all need to be separate independent entities.

  • ARMANDO ACERO - 4 weeks ago

    The officers do not have the experience and expertise, yet. They must be given the opportunity to learn, through formal training and on the job training. Of course there will be mistakes but, they are capable of handling the task at hand. Some will find out this is not the job they like and some will find out how rewarding it is to help those who need help. Best wishes to all. Mexico deserves peace, security, and safety.

  • Ariel Frid - 5 weeks ago

    You do not became and expert from one day to the next for this kind of job, First teach them. Invest on there training. Maybe after 2 years of studing and practice they will be allowed for this job full time

  • Tony Connor - 5 weeks ago

    With their track record along with the elected Mayors records, this seems like a big step back,but for the sake of all of the innocents your country must try something.
    We would love nothing more than to see your Beautiful country resolve into peace and live harmoniously.
    Mexico's the only country I know where the police need policed but hey!
    Good luck

  • Dr. Todd D. Stong - 5 weeks ago

    Based on 17 yrs in Mexico as an ex pat volunteer engineer for rural village water supply. As is in the counties about Lake Chapala, Jalisco State there appears to be a TOTAL disconnect between police and investigators and prosecutors. Clearly 9 out of 10 crimes never result with anyone being arrested and punished. The subject of a crime can go to the something called the Ministero Pubico at the county and make a long and detailed statement which is typed up for the record. But, NEVER have I seen any action/feedback to the victim. Thus, can it be any more worse if the police who at least come to the site of the crime for them to do some/all the investigation?. As it is now, the view of the Mexican public is that the police basically collect dead bodies and seek bribes. If there is a crime in action it is most common that the police by sounding their sirens while still a few kilometers away hope that by the time they arrive that the dangerous criminals will be long gone. Police who ride by in their trucks perhaps once each 3 hours through a neighborhood, with 2-4 standing grim-faced, heavily armed in the back appear as no more than TOURISTS. Low a pay = take no risk/seek bribes.

  • cal kinsey - 5 weeks ago

    The local police are not qualified and their past has been too suspect. Maybe pay a little more and get proper candidates. For the foreseeable time let the National guard do the job

  • Garry Montgomery - 5 weeks ago

    Just another chance to muddy the waters and crime will increase.

  • Jose Fernandez - 5 weeks ago

    They should get a university education specializing in police investigation work

  • Sandra Kral - 5 weeks ago

    I voted yes because locals usually know the area and situations better. But there is still the chance for corruption. Of course, that exists in the Federal police as well.

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