Will Trump lose to Biden if he gives 'Dreamers' a path to citizenship?

  • D krausa - 2 months ago

    It is a kick to the gut to me, and all else who voted for the guy because of his agenda to rid this country of illegal aliens, I lost my home remodeling buiseness to these low balling hack worker illegals,I now work for someone making a portion of what I used to make through late 80s and 90s, then poof they are all here working for peanuts that I could not compete with!! I am very bitter to these sons of bitches! And if trump does this to me and the American people he will be no more than the flakes of dogs hit on my work boots! But the alternative is freighting, I’ll have to vote for the chump but won’t like it At All!

  • Karen Moore - 2 months ago

    I’m not happy about him giving the DACA kids a pathway to citizenship. But the alternative of having Biden win is way worse.

  • Joanne - 2 months ago

    I'm not happy with his decision here with DACA either but, If people don't understand that not voting got Trump will give this 2020 election to Biden, to me this means they don't care if we turn into a third world country. I sure don't want this to happen. Have no cops, no more 911 calls, no more ICE. Think about where our country will end up. People, we still need Trump for another 4 years. And who knows how these DACA people will vote seeing how Trump will bring back the economy ECT. They could start voting republican. Stupid people if they stay home and not put in their Trump vote.

  • Jean - 2 months ago

    I will vote for Trump no matter what. If Biden gets the presidency say goodbye to our America. Biden will usher in his socialist agenda and America will be like Venezuela. Get out and vote for Trump and vote a straight red ballot. These democrat. Governors need to be recalled or voted out.

  • Mars - 2 months ago

    They’re already here. As long as they’re positive contributors to society and not welfare recipients just let them stay and be done with it. But we need immigration reform and the anchor babies need to stop ASAP. Babies shouldn’t be handed US citizenship simply because they’re born in USA

  • Vaughn - 2 months ago

    Teri Wilson. I agree with you. He’s not perfect but if you stay at home and don’t vote for Trump, it’ll be worse under Biden’s Adminisratation that will just open the border and let them all in. Go vote and vote for Trump. He’s done more for this country than ANY president has ever done.

  • Teri Wilson - 2 months ago

    Your idiots if you stay home Election Day no matter if Trump does give a path to daca Kids. I’m not happy about it and think we should shut down the border but to let Biden in because of this one issue is suicide for any Christian or conservative. And tho I have always respected you DML I would not if you promote this. I think you would be done.

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