Assuming one set of measurements is right, I think the most likely value for the Hubble constant is

  • Alexander Murphy - 3 months ago

    You say you have seen no indicaiton of Russian interference in your poll. But - did you look?

  • Lindsay Forbes - 3 months ago

    They are not right. It's getting faster

  • David Hine - 3 months ago

    You will find the Hubble Constant is 71 as determined by this equation:- 2 X a megaparsec X C, divided by Pi to the power of 21 = 70.98047 K / S / Mpc. This equation comes from 'The Principle of Astrogeometry', and is derived directly from Maxwell's Aether based equations. It's interesting how 71 falls exactly in between the measured values!!!!! This cannot be possibly a chance event, so to understand the Created Universe, a return to Maxwell's Aether based equations are vital. Cosmology understanding has gone astray since Maxwell, so we now need to abandon today's big bang notions. Quantum mechanics are really an Aether study, but cannot make much sense without the Aether based Maxwell equations, David Hine

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