Have you picked up new hobbies during the pandemic?

  • Danielle CC - 2 years ago

    No, I’m a essential worker so I was always at work.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 2 years ago

    I started making beaded stretch bracelets. Over the past six years, I dabbled in making jewelry using bottle caps and beer caps. This was my first time really beading. Requires a lot of dexterity and patience. It chilled me out from March through June until I had to start working from home after three months of "administrative leave" for the whole library system. Since then my nerves are frayed and my new hobby is getting up while it's still cool and sitting outside

  • Leslie S - 2 years ago

    I'd started cross-stitching right before the pandemic began to help with anxiety and I've kept doing it to help get through the never-ending bad news.

  • J-Full - 2 years ago

    Idk if this counts as a hobby or not, but I've started making my bed every day. Now that I'm working from my bedroom desk, I noticed that it's much easier to think if my room looks orderly, and making my bed is a simple way to accomplish that.

  • Felix - 2 years ago

    I learned how to bake scones and other baked treats during this pandemic. Was gonna try learning how to make the really nice cookies I like from the bakery but ingredients always running out cuz it seems everyone else had the same idea haha

  • Shix - 2 years ago

    Unless you count entertaining these kids as a hobby.

  • Blue Cat - 2 years ago

    My hobby has been overeating! I’ve probably gained (Covid) 19 pounds!

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