Grade the 'Alienist' Season 2 premiere:

  • Danielle Irr - 11 months ago

    I absolutely love this show! The acting is superb and the atmosphere although I never lived in that time period is very believable! I see that some people do not like gore. I have to admit that I am one of them. Bring a nurse I have seen enough true gore. However I was glued to the TV. The story needed what was shown and I am definitely a fan!
    I hope there is another seasons ! Bravo

  • Edna - 1 year ago

    I agree they need to work more on the period and vague references. Also, why are they not all together. What happened to the romance between Dakota and Luke? Needs work to survive

  • Lorraine Silvers - 1 year ago

    The storyline of dead babies, stitched and stylised is similar to the new Perry Mason—a truly excellent show. In The Alienist, Dakota Fanning’s character is strangely unlikeable and belligerent. Her shrewish delivery of the script doesn’t help. Compared to the new Perry Mason, The Alienist is alien. There is needless gore and guts. What happened to the budding romance between Luke Evans and Fanning? No exposition is provided as to how Luke Evans ends up engaged to Hearst’s mindless daughter or how he got the job at the New York Times.. The musical score is nothing compared to Terrance Blanchard’s score in Perry Mason. However, the Alienist does sport exquisite costumes and sets. It just needs some likeable characters. Some romance. Some humour, or dry wit? It’s just an OK show that tries hard but is missing charismatic characters and the furtherance of the Alienist’s skills and knowledge of psychology. The empowered woman theme is done better by Juliet Rylance as Della Street in the new Perry Mason. The Alienist It is missing something we can learn about the period other than vague references to a war with Spain or Cuba. And why is Cyrus not part of the team?

  • Bonnie - 1 year ago

    I loved the first season- love the actors - costumes etc but murdered babies is a bit too much for me- don’t think I can watch anymore- sorry!

  • Michael - 1 year ago

    A whole new wave of mystery and intrigue. And Dakota Fanning is badass. Thank you...

  • Michael - 1 year ago

    A whole new wave of mystery and intrigue. And Dakota Fanning in the badass.

  • Kimberly Kenan - 1 year ago

    Loved it....made me look up a new word....makes you think...

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