Grade the final 'Blindspot' season overall:

  • Ed Barber - 2 months ago

    I watched this amazing adventure via Netflix.. I was hooked from the first minute of season 1 episode to the last second of season 5 episode 11… I watched the entire 100 episodes in 6 days… I want to thank all involved in this production… The Actors. The writers. Producers, Directors, the stage builders etc… a great job and a very amazing experience….. in closing I just want to say… if you have not seen Blindspot do your self a favour…it has a little something for everyone. You will not be dis appointed….
    Thank you all…
    Ed Barber

  • Marybeth - 2 years ago

    I was thoroughly amazed with every plot twist and turn. I was drawn in from the very first episode I watched (and ended up binge watching the entire 5 seasons)! Suspense and intrigue interwoven with serious social and moral debates, along with lively action scenes, made this show by far one of my all-time favorites. I'm looking forward to a spin-off or a "part 2" with more puzzles to solve. And to work Bill Nye the Science Guy in as Patterson's dad, including the explanation of her mysterious first name was pure genius! The intellectual chemistry between Patterson and (and also between Patterson and David) was fabulously entertaining! I always love when movies and series focus on the importance of using deep levels of intelligence to solve crimes and/or social dilemmas. Outstanding cast and crew! Bravo, Martin Gero--I look forward to watching your next project!

  • Jai - 2 years ago

    Great ending! That kind of ending is open for another season or another series with different title, like a part 2 of this. Watch! After this pandemic, they will create a new one.

  • Teddy - 2 years ago

    I am with you Deb.
    There is a sickness in hollywood, where they just have to add that one last 30 second twist to almost everything to completely ruin a show. As you can clearly tell in the interview, the director got off on it.
    Of course she is dead, the whole thing was like a dream sequence and I felt something was wrong from the moment she walked through the door. It was also ridiculous that they didn't take antidote in the field with them in this situation.

    Yes, I am one of the people who is NOT demented and actually likes happy endings after investing 5 years in a show. They could have done that ending for real and I would have been satisfied, even though the season was average at best overall.

    I am honestly disgusted, and it's getting to the point now where I am sick and tired of getting into a new show for it either to be cancelled on a cliffhanger or have an ending like this. 1/10.

    Oh, and while I am at it.. Madeline was literally pure evil as was her attorney. It was all over in an instant for them after such horrors they committed. This guy just didn't want to give us any satisfaction, he even robbed us of those two getting actually PUNISHED for what they did.

    I literally wish I never watched this show, which was at least good for the first couple seasons.

    Lesson hopefully learned.

  • Annelize - 2 years ago

    More seasons please this cant be the end

  • Robert Pryde - 2 years ago

    Give me the Patterson, treasure hunting spin-off. I'm all in.

  • Keith - 2 years ago

    Ending that satisfies 2 results at once
    Either Jane has the vision of what could be before she dies or at the party she has the vision of what could have been.
    Intentionally for viewers to decide for themselves .

  • Mary - 2 years ago

    You are completely off base, Deb. So glad for one more Jane domination scene and so beautifully executed. What an accomplishment to bring all those past( more likely passed,) actors back. My only regret was that Reade never came back. When Zapata took that phone call, I was sure it was Reade somehow was resurrected from the dead. Great ending, and I for one, believe in happy endings, so long live Jane and Kurt and thanks to all involved in Blindspot for a spectacular 5 year run!

  • Deb - 2 years ago

    Stupidist ending ever! What started out as a great show quickly got to the point of being slapstick at best. Janes last fight scene... Her stand in was obvious and poorly done.. Turned into a very hooky show. It was past time to end. You could tell the writers were struggling.

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