Do You Agree With FCPS Starting School Virtually?


  • Harry - 3 years ago

    You can do anything but to going to school. You can go swimming or gym or camping but you cannot go school. Who can believe this is real thing. How can I explain this to my little poor kid.

  • Fred - 3 years ago

    I would assume ALL activities are now going to be canx now that we will all be wasting our time with virtual learning. So no football, lacrosse, any after astounds me that the little brats can be amokin & jokin at the basketball courts, malls and everywhere else but they cant go to school. Lord help us when these dumb little shits grow up

  • Dee Jay - 3 years ago

    The teachers unions are flooding this with votes bc they and their millenial elementary teachers want to work from home. Every negative comment from a teacher on any site is someone under 40, usually with no kids and they are elementary teachers. What 25 year old wouldn't want to work pt for 50K from their couch? These traders and FCPS admin is bought by the corrupt FEA and other associations at the detriment of our kids. They will get their whole neighborhood to vote their way bc they are manipulative and disgusting.

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