What's your choice for best street food—tlayuda, ceviche or choripan?

  • George - 2 months ago

    Another vote for the non-existent “None of the Above.”

  • The Phantom - 2 months ago

    Crisp French Fries with salt...perfect!

  • Kirk - 2 months ago


  • Kirk - 2 months ago

    Burris by far the best

  • Bliss - 2 months ago

    Ceviche may be tasty, but lime juice or not, you are still eating raw fish. Parasites and food poisoning from ceviche are fairly common.

  • T Price - 2 months ago

    None of those sold here in Yucatan!!

  • Joel Hancock - 2 months ago

    Carnitas, tacos al pastor, tamales, mole, carne asada, and the likes are what really should have been on the list. Choripan? C'mon!

  • kathleen - 2 months ago

    i wouldn't even consider choripan Mexican; it's more argentine. by all means, an adobada taco is THE best with birria a close second.

  • Lily - 2 months ago

    Here in Ensenada, ceviche is everywhere but my favorite is birria. I have never heard of the other two choices but surely fish tacos should be on the list.

  • Martin T - 2 months ago

    Fresh (raw) seafood, like ceviche or mariscos and shrimp cocktails are served up daily at (many) street stands in Ensenada and other port towns with no dire food poisoning. You can watch how they handle the food. Someone else always handles the $.

  • LDelin - 2 months ago

    Ceviche as a street food? Thats just asking for food poisoning! Especially during hot summer months. Better in a real restaurant

  • Jerry Geiger - 2 months ago

    NONE of the above. Crazy options given reality!

  • Oscar Ugarteche - 2 months ago

    Tlayuda is a very local street food of Oaxaca not even found in Mexico City easilyl

  • Cathy Jo Baker - 2 months ago

    These are not what one typically thinks of when it comes to Mexican street food. None of the above is the correct answer.

  • DLGMEX - 2 months ago

    None of the above! Enchiladas/cocteles de camarones???

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