Have you ever been to Canada?

  • Kemdoc - 5 months ago

    Yes. I’ve been to Montreal. It’s a cute city to do a very short 2-3 day vacation. My sister and I enjoyed walking up the Main Street called Saint Catherine. Great shopping as well. The French Canadians were a bit racists towards us because they thought we were whatever black Americans they’re used to seeing on tv. But other than that casual Xenophobia it was cool.

  • Bre - 5 months ago

    Literally was about to say the same thing as Jacquelyn. You miss that one exit and you're on a one way trip down the tunnel to Canada lol. I went for a girl scout trip to Niagara Falls, but most people go there for their 19th birthday bc you can drink in Canada at that age.

  • Jacquelyn - 5 months ago

    Yes, I've been to Canada, but I grew up in Detroit and Canada is closer than any neighboring state. FYI, from Detroit, you drive south to get to Canada, that might help you in a trivia game one day.

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