Should India resort to a 2-party system instead of Multi-Party System?

  • Dhruv Pandya - 2 years ago

    If Two Party System Introduce in Any Democracy, It may possible that two party rules in democracy in an alternative terms,In this context It would be easy to say that in rivalry of parties development they will totally forgot about country's development.
    This Two Parties Dictatorship will condensed individuals voice. They will beg the votes by raising issues of religeous and community wise..
    Income Discrimination and wealth Distinction will also affect democracy, 80% have a vote power while 20% have a wealth power..elected political party afterall answerable to whome?
    Rich OR poor? Obviously parties first think about their funds and they will be answerable to rich only..
    Now, Is this democracy????

  • Nirdesh Kumar Singh - 2 years ago

    It's better to have 2 party system than a "non answerable" kitchen cabinet. Because this type of institution is violating the basic structure of "executive is answerable to the legislature".

  • Shekhar Singh - 2 years ago

    Yes, we should move ahead towards 2 - party system ......
    It will nowhere , any breach of B.S.Doctrine......
    To tackle the "instability & defection" of individual as well as party-ies.....
    It is need of hour, in support of interest of citizens of India...????????

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