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  • ShayDeeDame - 4 years ago

    The Corona segment had me screaming at my phone. My son was 16 when he brought covid home to us in early March, before lockdown.
    It was hardest on me, because I’m seriously immunodeficient. My son and hubby got over it without any lasting problems within a couple of weeks.
    I still need to monitor my heart rate, because it will skyrocket for no reason at all. Terrifying, but it’s getting better slowly.
    Ever since we recovered, our son has become damn-near agoraphobic, because he doesn’t want to risk bringing it home to us again. I can count on one hand the number of times that he has left the house. He even wears his mask when he’s outside mowing the front lawn.
    I see the lifelong impact that covid is having on kids. They are scared of the world, and their “give a fuck” is broken.
    Why should they work to get good grades, when the jobs are so uncertain. Most classes are online only, so they don’t even have the college experience to look forward to.
    We’re TRYING to keep life as normal as possible in our home, but it’s tough, since this “new normal” is new to us, also.
    Yes, we have the kids in therapy so that they can navigate all of this. Working on a getting and maintaining a positive mindset through all of this has been a true challenge, but what choice do you have but to keep it pushing?

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