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  • aleen walker - 14 years ago

    MANY PEOPLE THINK ABORTION IS PRETTY MUCH OK, and most really believe that it is only legal for the first few months. Ask a person on the street to describe PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION, and they will just stare at you – and once you explain it to them, they insist that you are making it up, and they become angry with you for telling them something so gross. TRY IT!

    EXODUS 21 THE BIBLE - KING JAMES version s says: 22If men (men or women, not gender specific) strive (conspire, take an action) , and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her [early, before its time, or with problems], and yet no mischief (permanent damage) follow: he (they) shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he (they) shall pay as the judges determine. 23And if any mischief (permanent damage for child or mother) follow, then thou shalt give life for life, 24 An Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.” (pretty much describes abortion techniques)_ Basically, whatever is done to the unborn child will surely be done to those responsible for the damage – any damage, any time, anywhere. God himself will have the revenge, folks - and may God have mercy upon their souls.

  • crystal - 14 years ago

    I'm not judgeing anyone, or at least i'm not trying to. All can be forgiven for anything they have done in their life, but that don't mean to keep doing it either. Especially for reasons like can't afford it, its an inconvience, don't wanna mess up my life, i won't have any freedom, or any of those selfish acts. When i was 17, I got pregnant, i was soo scared of the responsibilties of taking care of a baby. The father of the baby asked me if i wanted to get an abortion. Without thinking about it i said no. I decided then that whatever it took i would take care of this baby no matter what what,and thats exactly what i did. That baby now is 14 yrs. old. He loves skateboarding, spending time with his friends, loving on his 3 yr. old baby sister, fighting with his younger brother, and at times got into trouble. I say these things to say it was and is still tough raiseing a baby, but look what i would have missed if i would have wen't with the fathers decision and aborted him. I know life is tough, but there is too much help out there not to have the babies. Thank you all, i love ya and wish the best for all of you.

  • Jessica Kenley - 14 years ago

    In response to the above comment, it pains me to think that a person so young and inexperienced at life itself would have so much hatred for an entire group of people comprised of millions. I would vote for President Obama again and again for many many issues, including the very basic human right of a woman's right to choose what goes on in and to her own body. Abortion is a very, very personal choice, and women who are unfortunate enough to have to make this decision need not the judgment and hatred of her peers, but support. No woman thinks to herself when she is a little girl, "When I grow up I want to have an abortion." It is a terrible experience emotionally for most women, and the ones that I know who have done it think about it for the rest of their lives with grief. Leah, I am terribly sorry that you have been abused, but to make such harsh judgments about people you no nothing about who are undergoing very ADULT circumstances that you know nothing about is nothing short of immature and hateful. Please think to yourself how you would feel if you were FORCED to have an abortion, because in essence, what you are saying is that you are all for FORCING people not to. This is a human rights issue and thank God that women still have the right to make choices about what the rest of their lives are going to look like because of Roe v. Wade.

  • Leah B. - 15 years ago

    I would personally vote for McCain. I'm still to young to vote, but personally I would never put a man who could have a living beings life taken away so freely, and not care. You people don't even understand abortion to it's fullness because 1-you haven't been aborted. 2-you think it's right, or you don't want your parents to find out. 3-it's an innocent child. and 4-you were sexually abused. I know being abused is tough, because I was myself, but taking away someones life to live is worse. You people weep about death, and murder, but when it comes to you guys committing murder yourselves, all you can do is rejoice. Abortion is a heavy thing, and it is in no way on earth the right decision. I'm feel ashamed to say that I live with people in this world who have shed the blood of children without any conviction in the process, but I just hope and pray, that soon it ceases to carry on.

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