How many JAFF books do you read per year?

  • Sian - 1 month ago

    After splurging on P&P variations for the last couple of years I decided to have a break for a while but I’ll be back.

  • Mary - 1 month ago

    Like you Rita,I can’t read too many P&P books over a short period as I find myself loosing interest in the characters and the plots. I need to approach them with a fresh mind,looking forward to meeting old friends and therefore read quite a lot of thrillers and crime based books too.

  • Carol Perrin - 1 month ago

    I read mostly Pride and Prejudice variations, but will read anything related worth reading. Tend to stay away from books marked other * or ** since I purchase my books. I like Regency versions the best, but will purchase other times if the book synopsis grabs my attention. I have favorite authors that I buy their books regardless.

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