What is your preferred length in a book?

  • Sian - 2 months ago

    It depends. Some stories need great length to flesh out the plot and characters. Having said that I can enjoy a good novella or short story

  • Mary - 2 months ago

    I love to read any type of P&P book,regardless of the length of the story. However,some novellas are so good that I have think it a pity that the author didn’t flesh it out to pen a more complete,fulfilling story.

  • Carol Perrin - 2 months ago

    I read mostly Pride and Prejudice variations, but will read anything related worth reading. Tend to stay away from books marked other * or ** since I purchase my books. I like Regency versions the best, but will purchase other times if the book synopsis grabs my attention. I have favorite authors that I buy their books regardless.

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