How would you rate the government's coronavirus strategy?

  • Kathryn - 6 weeks ago

    Since the first early cases of covid19 I have kept up to date by watching the daily press conferences of AMLO in the mornings and Dr. Lopez Gatel in the afternoons. I appreciate the way President AMLO steps back and lets his experts take the lead in teaching all of us facts about the virus, what to expect in its progression, and the many consequences the community may suffer resulting from the stay-at-home practice. The information provided is reliable, i.e. based on science and professional knowledge. Mexico has been an international leader in anticipating and preparing for needs. Mexico introduced the proposal to the United Nations to ensure that treatment for the virus be available to all and not exploited for profit. This proposal was passed with something like 94% approval! And there are people who say Mexico is doing nothing? Maybe there should have been a mandate for masks and stay-at-home, not just trust that all people would do what was best, but AMLO has been very up front about his reasons for trusting the people. If some people don't respect others' health, well that's a big problem we have where I live too. Mexico is fighting corruption, many have poor health (2nd to USA in obesity), and many parts of the country are remote and live in poverty. Next door, their neighbor claims to be the richest country in the world yet they've proven, on many fronts, to be the least able to deal with a pandemic. We, the Unitedstatesians, could learn a lot from Mexico--starting with how to think ahead of a pandemic, listen to experts, and be discerning when electing politicians who will truly work for the people.

  • Daniel - 1 month ago

    Test, trace and isolate. It’s not rocket science - it’s medical science. If you want people to isolate and quarantine you need to compensate them too. The federal government have done none of these. No wonder Mexico is the third worst performing country re Covid.

  • Hector pelayo - 1 month ago

    Is easy to blame the president for every day advancement of the pandemic. I have a cuestion for all of you
    Isn't hower responssability to protect us by following the recommendations of the health authority? After all is howers health and life at risk nat the President

  • George Kefalas - 1 month ago

    I intended to retire in Quintana Roo and I actually made bookings on 3 different occasions .The 2 have gone to the trashcan already and the third for November 1st is on it's way there too . I used to admire AMLO but this pandemic has opened my eyes .Hasta la vista Mexico !

  • Aharl - 1 month ago

    AMLO & TrumpF, In a league of their own, denial & stupidity

  • Bernard Gottlieb - 1 month ago

    What strategy????????

  • Skooby - 1 month ago

    I totally blame Amlo. It starts from the top. Lack of leadership in an emergency situation.

  • Robert Maxted - 1 month ago

    We left the State of Colima on March 18, 2020, the Colima government had already closed the Airport @ ZLO and the Military and Health officials were @ the Colima Jalisco borders screening incoming traffic & the occupants of the vehicles. We made it back to the USA 6 hrs before the USA closed their border to non-essentials....the Mexican government was well ahead of the USA responce to the Wuhan Covid virus, no one in March 2020 expected this pandemic to reach these numbers of infections and death throughout the world. I wish we were still in the State of Colima, beats being stuck in Texas.

  • kenna kirkpatrick - 1 month ago

    AMLO on the left, Trump and Bolansaro on the right; All populist incapable of leading a nation. Consequently, All three countries will lead in cases of covid, deaths due to covid, and a long economic recovery punctuated by more unemployment, sickness, and rising crime. It's all connected. The three know nothing about handling power in order for a nation to secure the welfare of the majority in terms of economic access and securing health. Internationally, none of the three have garnered respect for their nations.

  • Bob Boyeson - 1 month ago

    No country was realistically prepared for a pandemic. MX like the US offered no unified message from leaders. Leaders convoluting health officials warnings caused mistrust in leaders & academics. Denying people the opportunity to unify behind a common message at the earliest stages. We failed by having a half hearted shut down. A strict complete shutdown for a few weeks as other countries would have prevailed & lessened the economic impact. Now we have to redo it, hopefully inspired by self responsibility & a consistent message from leadership. If not this will drag on killing the economy & people needlessly

  • el codo - 1 month ago

    Few people took it seriously as should have. The idiots in the US medical community at first it was not communicable in the air. Then 150 caveats later........

    Then an idiot comes along and declares antimalarial drugs effective. They are against malaria. For rheumatoid arthritis and lupus it takes A HUNDRED DAYS for chloroquine or hyfdochloroquine to START to take effect. Verify it yourself by reading PROVEN STUDIES

    Then our dumbsss medical system said "They All Died" so it's a fraud. It takes 100vdays not a hundred minutes. Absolutely clueless stupidity. The AMA and CDC operate by ROTE. 1 misstep and adios your medical license

    This is really scary
    Larry. Curly and Moe being led by Jaques Closeau.

  • Elizabeth Macdonald - 1 month ago

    I was in Manzanillo Early this year and was impressed how quickly the state of Colima acted. Closing and patrolling beaches, wearing masks and distancing. If only people would listen to their health authority things would improve a lot quicker. I stayed extra time in Manzanillo because it was safer there than in my home town. Your leaders need to set example and not place themselves above others. There’s an old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

  • Walter Gussner - 1 month ago

    I am SHOCKED that people did not realize that AMLO would be a failure. He has NO brains!!!!! Never has and never will!

  • robert corkrum - 1 month ago

    From a 12 year snowbird living in Washington who visits in Baja Mexico yearly.Nobody can make stupid people do the right thing when they don't want or care to!! I saw this in feb/March/April in Los Cabos and in central Washington state.when I returned Home.The legal and illegal workers from Mexico (mainly) have caused many problems here.Working in close quarters many times or not they are slow to do what is right,just start by WEARING A MASK!!!!!TRAMP supporters have the same problem too,large groups at the beach then rallies and DUH ,end up with a problem and pass it on.

  • tasha preston - 1 month ago

    I vote NO! There should have been stricter enforcement and less hypocrisy. One cannot turn on the TV or Radio without hearing 'STAY AT HOME'. 'DO NOT TRAVEL' One would take that to mean
    just that during this Covid-19 quarantine. Yet I found no other way to renew my visa and car permit without driving back to the Texas border. Reynosa/McAllen area is one of the hottest spots in north America. Renewing the vehicle permit can only be done at the border! I risk a 14 quarantine in McAllen for having been in Reynosa and a 14 day quarantine in Reynosa for having been in McAllen.
    It's unfathomable that there has not been a way to handle the renewing of tourist permits on a local level during this crises.

  • David J - 1 month ago

    Amlo failed to take it seriously from the start. That surprised me because I have been a big fan of his. The people have failed to take the virus seriously as well. There is much magical thinking in Mexico in general. I hate to call it superstition. The education system needs to inculcate students with more scientific thinking. Often the education system fails to give kids a broad education and narrows it for students for specific employment goals.

  • eraguera - 1 month ago

    Trump, AMLO and Bolsonaro are the Americas assassins. all three using the same playbook. Let the virus spread, mostly will diminish the old, sick and weak- huge relief for governments on those huge SS, retirement and handicapped payments...for these it is a wonderful unexpected population cleanse of the sick, weak and old

  • Sandra Kral - 1 month ago

    I voted failure, of course. But the failure is not because of the health minister, in my opinion. From the start, AMLO has done nothing at all to help get the situation under control. He has, in fact, made it worse. And the fault lies, too, with the local governments, who do nothing to enforce the restrictions. Here in SLP, unless it's clerks in the stores, almost no one wears a mask. Some restaurants have stayed open since the start. There has been absolutely no enforcement here in the capital of SLP.

  • Clopes - 1 month ago

    Hospital personnel without adequate personal protection equipment and supplies. Hospitals are overwhelmed. This leads to people not going.

  • Lee Caflisch - 1 month ago

    AMLO has been very ignorant about Covid. All he had to do was make wearing a mask mandatory and forbid large groups. The country could be open for business and everyone would be safe.

  • Nicole - 1 month ago

    Started well but completely out of control when vacation time began. No control from travelling from one city to another, no testing at the airports and no consequences for not wearing masks. Economy comes before health & death in Mexico.

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