For those assigned to work from home: would you return to campus if the company required it in the next few weeks? (Poll Closed)
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  • Not my name either - 1 month ago

    To the prior poster,

    Let me first state something likely. A lot of motivated people in this industry care a lot about this question right now with the recent news, so this could be a lot of Wisconsinites voting.

    Employer requirements do have exemptions at a number of places, and in my case that was actually why I said No. It would probably be Yes if there were absolutely no exemptions. I think this could also be a question that might get interpreted differently based on peoples' personal situations.

  • No this isn't really my name - 1 month ago

    I'm interested in the number of "no" responses, given the wording of the question: "if the company required it".

    If the company gave the option to come back to campus, but allowed people to choose, that's very different than "if the company required it". What does that requirement mean? Are all those who answered "no" willing to lose their job by declining an employer requirement? Or are we assuming that "requirement" just means "strongly suggested", not actually "required"?

  • Sam - 1 month ago

    Those who say you should do it because clinicians are doing it are missing the point. More people working from home = lower risk for those who have to go in.

  • Tsigeyusv - 1 month ago

    I'm not essential for bedside care. I do work long and hard to support my facility, but if I can work remotely, I will continue to do so. It helps reduce any potential exposures (especially those in the break rooms when eating a meal where we are not masked) and reduces PPE use to save it for those who really need it.

  • Shh bby is ok - 1 month ago

    My loosely-defined role is getting looser as the days go by, to the point where I'm feeling like Burgess Meredith in a Twilight Zone episode, except without notice of the Chancellor. If I were back in the office, I'd at least have water-cooler-spurred involvement in projects.

  • X-treem Geek - 1 month ago

    If you work in healthcare, but have been lucky enough to keep your job while working from home, it is time you go back. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab staff, EVS staff, Biomed staff, have not had the luxury of working from home. Show some solidarity and get back to the hospital campus. It can be done if you follow the proper protocols: mask up, wash up, keep your distance.

  • RK - 1 month ago

    This is a tough question. My household has 3 people in it with compromised immune systems so I'd have to think long and hard about what I would do, if my employer required it - especially since I'm the main "bread winner" in my family. If I did return, I'd be looking for a new position at the same time and certainly wouldn't participate in any "culture" activities in the office. I think it's irresponsible for organizations to require staff to return to the office, if it's not necessary to do their work. As a country, we're never going to get this mess under control if EVERYONE doesn't start behaving and following the recommendations of those that are knowledgeable.

  • Teresa Winters - 1 month ago

    Do it responsibly as much as possible, mask up and try to distance but it's time to get out there.

  • KJ - 1 month ago

    We work in healthcare and expect our clinicians and support staff to show up and take care of patients. I think this mass exodus from facilities makes them feel more at risk and deserted. If you wear a mask and can distance, I think we have a role to be present and supportive.

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