Is Oaxaca's junk food prohibition a good idea?

  • Sherry - 3 months ago

    The epidemic in obesity, diabetes and dental decay in the Americas (US & Canada included) is directly related to added sugar in processed junk foods and sodas. A decade of winters in Mexico and I have seen a huge change in health. Look at labels- 32 grams (8 tsp) sugar in an energy drink! Watch “Sugar- the bitter truth” with Dr Robert Lustig on Youtube that explains the crisis with this generation of children - fatty liver disease from sugar consumption. Former president Vincent Fox was vice president of Coca cola in Latin America and gave the company rural water rights, marketing pop as a healthy choice. The sugar industry is like big tobacco, covering up research of toxic effects of added sugars in so called food products. Millions spent in marketing unnatural man made food products that make us sick. It is called the Standard American Diet: SAD. Cheap, addictive to the brain, and toxic to our body. Real education with healthy choices is not in any curriculum at school while families are bombarded with slick tv commercials for junk foods and sodas. Follow the money...

  • Carlisle Johnson - 3 months ago

    Not a good idea, The individual freedom to choose, even something bad for you like tobacco is far more important

  • George - 3 months ago

    There’s nothing here on why kids don’t have alternatives for tasty, nutritious folds? Sure, ban “junk foods” when there are plenty if alternatives.

    Are “junk foods” the only alternative, or not much at all? And how about Coca-Cola? For years, the rumor has spread that Coke uses actual sugar in Mexico. It helps curb kids’ appetite at meal time for nutritious food.

  • Luis Manjarrez - 3 months ago

    Of course it’s a mistake, hundreds of people lives on that commerce, the issue in here is the parents controlling kids but not behind them but teaching them what and when eat or drink outside home and provide them a healthy foods and drinks in home.
    The origin of that amount of soft drinks consumption, being Mexico the largest consumption per cap in the world is ‘cause of lack quality of alternatives starting with the municipal water.
    So don’t blame others for what we are not controlling in our homes

  • Ivan J Snavely - 3 months ago

    What if Grand Ma Ma wants some chips? Let's get real.

  • el codo - 3 months ago

    Where are the billboards showing people with no legs or no sight? In dialysis? Show me a picture inside a supermarket and I'll pick out the morbidly obese. Ten year olds that can't see their feet. Méxicanos son similar a las burros que tiene mensaje con una barote a la cabeza.

  • Maria - 3 months ago

    It’s about time. I remember being horrified seeing mother’s filling baby bottles with Coca-Cola for their baby
    Mr Lewis he is right Parents still can buy and feed their children food full of sugar I think it should start right from the top Makers of food should stop Adding.the sugar and grease bad bad fats To the food they make Also They should be forced to list all ingredient if this is not going to happen Then put clear warnings like they do with cigarettes

  • Steven Lewis - 3 months ago

    It's not a prohibition, it's an age restriction. Like they do with...alcohol, tobacco, driving (supposedly) and several other things that seem require the maturity of an adult to make the decision.

    Adults can buy for their children but at least they are now aware that they are buying something stongly damaging enough to be restricted. Parents can also buy mescal or tobacco for their children, though those will not typically be so desired by children as the addictive sugar rush.

    I think it's a step in the right direction. You can call it a nanny state, I get it. For each of us, there will a point too far. But this one fits right in with the other two age-restricted types of products to me.

  • Federico Garza - 3 months ago

    Who is going to teach children to eat properly parents? Teach ears? They are are the first the see eating junk food, there are not knowledge about how to eat healthy Mexican food is full of calories and grease it is not healthy what kids ara going to eat tlayudas?it is not a healthy meal
    The problem it is not about laws it is about educations and resources in families not provide healthy food to all the people

  • Benita - 3 months ago

    Education on health consequences and better meal choices, rather than government restrictions. This will take time to reverse, but I believe can be done.

  • el codo - 3 months ago

    Mandatory film in schools. Show patients with legs cut off. Then sitting on a sidewalk begging for alms.

  • Matthew Menenberg - 3 months ago

    What ever happened to parenting and personal responsibility? It's a bad idea that sets precedent for future legal restrictions.

  • Danne - 3 months ago

    Allowing the government to dictate what people can and can not eat is a very dangerous thing. What starts out innocently enough in the beginning as being well meant will only open the door to dictatorship over all areas of your life in the future. That’s what has happened in the US. Please don’t let it happen in Mexico also. Education is a much better route to take towards reform than giving the power of the people away to the government. Giving your power away and trying to get it back is akin to trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube. Do not give your power away.

  • Guillermo Anleu - 3 months ago

    Excelente good

  • Scott - 3 months ago

    I have spent over 25 years with an extended family in Puerto Vallarta. I visit twice a year for a total of four weeks. EVERY meal except breakfast includes several of those 2.5 or 3 liter bottles of Coca-Cola and I have never seen milk served, even to the toddlers of 2 or 3 years. They, too, are given cups of Coca-Cola. I have shared many articles with them about the dangers of drinking so much Coca-Cola but it has fallen on deaf ears. They look at their beautiful children and can't understand my concern.. Of course the damage comes later. After work, it is the practice of every family member to buy chips and soda (or beer) which consumes a huge portion of their income not to mention the health risks. Now there is alcoholism among several of the young men and the family patriarch had such high blood sugar readings he has switched to Diet Coke...still not ideal but he has lost a great deal of weight and his blood sugar came down. I translated this current article and sent it to all of the mothers and grandmothers in the family. I hope for my beloved family the message gets through.

  • JC - 3 months ago

    Prohibiting sales much better than restricting them. These unconscious companies don't give a hoot about health, except in their publicity!! Education must be an integral part of the plan.
    P. Alcatraz mentions only the negative. There is a lot of healthy food out there, and not all of it is covered with cheese or salsa. He has his priorities skewed.
    Kids are people, but much too vulnerable and an easy prey for the profiteers. If we were to leave Covid-19 measures as a choice, the country would be on the brink of collapse. The situation is already bad enough as it is.
    Obesity & diabetes hardly existed in México 20 years ago. We have Coca-Cola & gringo fast food to thank for its pandemic growth to make it one of the worst countries in the world in that respect, & a contributing factor in Covid-19 deaths.
    I agree completely with the comments of Luis & Skooby.

  • Ariel Frid - 3 months ago

    Papa & Mama will buy for the minors. Or the older brothers, or the uncles,, etc. What a stupid law!
    As long as they are at the stores someone will buy for the minors.

  • Diane Hulen - 3 months ago

    Patrick Alcatraz, you are not talking about Mexican food. It is quite healthy and not "slopped with loads of melted cheese". Perhaps you've been eating in Texas? Unfortunately, our children are bombarded with sweets, often right outside their schools. Coca Cola has helped us become one of the diabetes capitals of the world. I hope this goes nationwide.

  • Kathleen J Taormina - 3 months ago

    I think education would do a lot more good than restricting sales.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 3 months ago

    Nanny state. Get over it. A country that slops loads of melted cheese on every dish and offers dinner and Christmas tamales, topped with salsa at that, has its government reach misplaced. Kids are people, too. Leave it as a choice, not an goddammed order...sheesh.

  • Luis H. Sarellano - 3 months ago

    Claro, estoy de acuerdo ya que es saludable para los ninos y adolescentes y de esta manera detener la obesidad y el diabetes. Se debe de hacer esto en todo Mexico.

  • Skooby - 3 months ago

    Yes. It's a very good idea. I remember back in the day when I was in elementary school. We had milk machines only, including chocolate milk. But they would shutdown the chocolate milk machines except for one day per week, like Friday when we were allowed to get a chocolate milk. Even until today I think twice about drinking chocolate milk and seldom ever drink the stuff. Soda, definitely wasn't anywhere in sight in my elementary school or my parents house. My kids never had soda at home until they were about 12 years old.

    This new law may have an impact on some of the kids but definitely not all.

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