Do you hate Donald Trump?


  • EvieE - 2 years ago

    Whoever voted no in this poll, I hate you too

  • Monica - 2 years ago

    Yes, I hate him so much I have to dial it back because it's actually not healthy for me to think the things I think. It's not that I wanna "go high" I just don't want to spend hours visualizing ways someone could die. Eeek it's dark to even type that.

  • Rebecca Michetti - 2 years ago

    Love this episode!
    Rod dont be stingy with your info on great cooking utensils but I hear you on getting something new. I broke down a month or so ago and bought 2 metal racks for my pantry. I have never been more excited about some raised flooring in all my life. I just smile now every time I go into the pantry.
    Karen oh I hear you about the trash can. I was so fed up the last time I went shopping for a trash can I ended up buying a hamper and converted it into a trash can. I wanted a nice big opening to put my trash in cause I love to shoot my trash from across the room and the only container that had a opening big enough to ensure I would not miss my target was a hamper. Works great with those big black trash bags too. I am not down for some wimpy kitchen bags.
    It's too easy to hate Trump anymore but I still do. I've despised that man since his Robin Leech days on rich and the famous. I was a kid and saw the con I dont understand how all these adults fell for it but then I guess the same was said for P.T Barnum in his day but our great grandparents weren't as stupid as we are, collectively because his ass was never voted into office. They rightly laughed him off stage.
    Im reading Mary Trumps book Too much and never enough and I still dont have a lick of sympathy for that asshat. He gets all the hate that's coming to him and, to be honest, I wouldnt mind seeing him swing as a traitor to this country.
    Anyway that's my 2 cents and then some. Thanks for all your hard work!

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