What's your view of increasing vote-by-mail and/or early-voting options for the 2020 election?


  • Steven - 4 years ago

    I have voted by absentee ballot for years, not knowing my schedule in advance. So I have NO problem with absentee ballots, though there is a small chance of fraud.
    I have a problem with mayors or governors just mailing out ballots to everybody on the voter rolls. It has been proven the voter rolls are NOT accurate. They would be mailing ballots out to people that have moved away or died or don’t really exist. Now there are those that will say this is a small percentage of a national vote and won’t make a difference. Possibly true nationally. Locally a completely different story. There are some races that are won by just a few votes. That could flip decisions to any party. I know personally that my former roommate never switched his voter information. He now lives in another district. If they just mailed out ballots to everybody, I could vote on his behalf as well as my neighbors, who just moved to a new house. I would be able to cast 4 votes, without anybody being the wiser.
    Oh, and I have NEVER trusted the Post Office to deliver my ballot. Once filled out and signed, I deliver it to the local Elections Office myself.

  • Kathy snydet - 4 years ago

    You can tell who listens to Trump's lies about voter fraud. Just like in 2016 when he was convincing people the election was rigged because he thought he was going to lose. Same thing for 2020. I don't understand why truckers like conspiracy theories I guess they have nothing better to do while driving but think about weird things that aren't true.

  • Scott wagoner - 4 years ago

    There’s only one reason the dems are pushing vote by mail and it isn’t because they’re worried about voter suppression.

  • H D Wilson - 4 years ago

    If you can protest in public; you can vote in public....

  • Rich - 4 years ago

    Mail-in voting is not the same as absentee voting. The person commenting above seems to be conflating those two types of ballots. You request an absentee ballot be sent to you. It's registered to you at your address. I've voted absentee for many years in the military and on the road and never had a ballot not get to me. Where it went after I returned it, I have no idea. I have also dropped the ABs off at polling places. I do know, however, a certain political party regularly goes to court trying to discard ABs coming from military bases overseas.

  • DeWayne - 4 years ago

    Absolutely not the voter fraud is completely out of control already

  • Justin Keithan - 4 years ago

    There is already proof of the fact that the mail system does not have the ability to do this. What is the proof you ask. The mail system has stated that they cannot do it because of the turn around time.

  • Jerry Nokes - 4 years ago

    It really saddens me, I would have thought my brother truckers would have had more sense than to have bought into the right-wing rhetoric pushed by Putin and his cronies.
    I have voted absentee ballot for years, post office never any mix-up of getting it to me, it did not go to someone else, it went only to me a registered voter,,
    why anybody with any intelligence would think that the post office could not send out letters to registered voters and have them in their mailboxes,,
    You want to say that the post office is failing and is unable to meet that neei in time!
    *If you've watched anything other than Fox news you would know that the reason the post office is failing is because Trump systematically put in place all the pieces to tear it apart!
    I'm a 66 year old trade show driver who just financed a brand new $144,000 glider 3 years ago, in the three years this man has been in office I have watched the trade so business boomed briefly and then steadily declined since this man started various trade wars with different countries! the trade show and convention business is directly related to the advertising business which ties directly to foreign industry and related goods have an impact how large exhibits and how much money manufacturers are willing to spend in times of unsure economy,, decreasing trade show exhibitions around the country,, another part of our business was new store installations i e new Chipotle , Buffalo wild wings new fast food & store installations..all of which are not happening anymore because of the economy being shut down.
    This being directly related to Donald Trump ignoring the warnings about the coronavirus as early January/ February.. this man knows that he is messed up, and just like the dictators around the world that he seems to admire for lack of a better term. I eat Putin and Xi Jinping.. he is afraid he's going to lose the election wants another four years to try and fix everything that he's broken..
    So he's laying the groundwork to try in dispute the results of election that he knows that he's definitely going to lose now because of all what has happened to the economy and everything else..
    It is in my opinion he's about to start a civil war when that happens,,, and they'll be a whole lot of idiots out there that's going to believe that the election was rigged and going to be willing to fight about it .then he will have all the ammo he needs to declare martial law and declare himself interim ruler of North America

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