Grade 'Lucifer' Season 5A, once you have finished it!

  • PatsyH - 7 months ago

    I really enjoy this show, Tom Ellis plays the part well (I’ve said it before and again now, this man is made for playing James Bond. Ms Broccoli needs to take note.) All the other actors do a great job as well, the only character I find a bit difficult to get in to is Chloe Decker, I’m afraid I find the actress a bit wooden. The crimes are easy to solve, but the endless entertainment comes from watching Lucifer interact with others. A truly enjoyable bit of escapism to take the mind of all the c**p going on in the world. Just go with it and enjoy.

  • Jacob Blankenship - 8 months ago

    Just a wonderful show! I’ve been dying to see this season and it did not disappoint. Perfect twists, Fragile romances that you’ve been waiting years to blossom, and who doesn’t want to see celestial battles? 10/10, highly recommend!

  • Gayle Sanders - 8 months ago

    If Tom does not get a nomination for an Emmy, there is no God!

  • Jodi Reynolds - 8 months ago

    I love this show !

  • Jodi Reynolds - 8 months ago

    I love this show !

  • Yamilia - 8 months ago

    This is by far the BEST season! I stayed away from all the social media spoilers, so I had no idea that Dennis Haysbert (the Allstate guy) was coming on as GOD!!! What an amazing and wonderful surprise!!! And he came on just as I was saying "O.M.G!!! We need God to intervene!" then BOOM there he was!! Ahahahaha!! Simply awesome!

  • Lucifan - 8 months ago

    Allstate guy is God. Love it

  • RJ Frazier - 8 months ago

    How long will they leave us waiting for the second half of the season?

  • Joanne Wallace - 8 months ago

    Great show

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