Grade the Season 3 finale of 'Yellowstone':


  • David Dax - 1 year ago

    Kayce heard the outside commotion and immediately knocked over his heavy desk and ducked behind it. I figure that he used his wartime skills to survive.

  • J. J. - 2 years ago

    What happened to the little boy looking for the lug nuts when Dutton got shot?

  • Athena - 2 years ago

    Kayce can't die, one of the most interesting person on the show, I will not watching, Beth shouldn't die because her relationship Rip very interesting to watch and follow. I think Jamie 's newly found father should die and the guy who fell off the horse should be in a coma for about 2-3 months than die.

    The Corporate people did this a blessing for Jamie, but he didn't know his father is working for the corporate to destroy and get the John Dutton and family.

  • Merise Hetherington - 2 years ago

    I suspect the reason for the big cliffhanger is that they want us all to see season 4 on Paramount. Only first 3 seasons will be on Peacock! Their favorite Dirty trick with most series these days!

  • Susan - 2 years ago

    Awesome show, I binge watched all three seasons in the last few weeks. I spent a weekend on a Historic Ranch outside of Bozeman owned by the MaCleods and helped them herd some heifers in. It’s gorgeous country up there. Cant wait for next season! Lots of cliffhangers. Jamie you jerk!

  • Penny O'Briant - 3 years ago

    Beth and Rip scenes have made me cry more than once throughout the series..which is odd because I don't care for either character. Beth has become more likable since I found out what Jamie did to that point I quit feeling sorry for Jamie! I hope all the Duttons survive this..I can't stand to lose any of them! Oh and I love Teeter she's a character!! My favorite one is Kayce..he is HOT!

  • Vicki Mcphee - 3 years ago

    Been a long time since I've been intreged by a series. One of the best things I've ever seen Kevin Costner play in. Very sexy.

  • Joyce - 3 years ago

    Hopefully none of the characters, both the good and bad characters, should not die. They all add to the interest of the series. Without the villains the series will be on the blah side. Those villains rile up our anger. The passions in most everyone are stirred up when brought together. Vengeance can be powerful. Some to the point of frightening results. But love is stronger. Each one will go in their own way. Love will win in its own way and favorite character will kick ass!

  • Abigail Waller - 3 years ago

    For only 10 episodes that was a short season. There a lot going on. Now I have to wait another year... ughh!

  • Lindy - 3 years ago

    My favorite character duos are Beth & Rip, John & Tate, Chief Rainwater & Mo, the Ranch Lodge and Land. My partner likes Teeter, and Mo the most, he says. If Colby & Teeter can survive their beating, John, Beth, Kayce, Monica and Tate can.survive 310. Jimmy? Maybe not. Hope they all stay safe, enjoy fresh food from local farms and Ryan', and come back sooner than next June. But, we all have a country to help save this Fall.

  • Mike - 3 years ago

    Great show. More episodes and far fewer commercials. 8 months is too long to wait.

  • Corrin belle - 3 years ago

    I think all the Duttons live. Kaycee dove behind the desk, secretary took the brunt of the blast, & rip will find john in time. The woman was a decoy & was killed to get rid of a witness. Boy will go to RIP & beth, cause beth cant have children, so Beth cant die. Barrel racers need to be cleared out of the bunkhouse. Not gone entirely off the show, but out of bunkhouse, that would not happen on a real cattle ranch. And for gosh sakes, find a new hair cut for Rourke. He looks like a street greaser, not a corporate exec.

  • Corrin belle - 3 years ago

    I think all the Duttons live. Kaycee dove behind the desk, secretary took the brunt of the blast, & rip will find john in time. The woman was a decoy & was killed to get rid of a witness. Boy will go to RIP & beth, cause beth cant have children, so Beth cant die. Barrel racers need to be cleared out of the bunkhouse. Not gone entirely off the show, but out of bunkhouse, that would not happen on a real cattle ranch. And for gosh sakes, find a new hair cut for Rourke. He looks like a street greaser, not a corporate exec.

  • Buddy - 3 years ago

    All Duttons will survive. Jamie will have a change of heart and go back to the family when he learns what happened, Jamie told him he would always be his brother. It was Roarke trying to prove he could outfox the Duttons, doing a Yemen blowing up everything. Rip and Beth will take in the little boy whose mother was shot, giving them a son. Jimmy is probably dead, he should have listened to John.

  • Jt Truman - 3 years ago

    I had to turn it off when they opened the show with all those h.s. piling
    out of the bunk house beds. Really? Real trashy.
    Anyway, they should just give Yellowstone to Lil Beaver
    and his mom .That way it would be Native Americans land.
    Then they could end this crap. They have gotten ridiculous.

  • Tammy - 3 years ago

    I think Beth dead, I believe that Rip in the next season will have to revenge her death.

  • Marilynn - 3 years ago

    My guess is that Jamie and his real dad plotted the shoot em up Blow em up ..I did think the flat tire woman was a plot to lure John to help her so the van could stop and shoot maybe she was shot with blanks? We will see I was disappointed there was no wedding till season 4 .. happy waiting

  • Carmel - 3 years ago

    Am I am the only one that doesn’t think Jamie is a lost cause? He grew up under false pretenses not knowing about his real, awful family. His sister Beth, has treated him like crap from day one and by his own admission, John never even loved him. He’s done everything for the family but he’s a very weak man when it comes to standing up for himself. I think someway, somehow he will end up helping the Duttons.
    Roarke and his lady pit bull are the killers.

  • Mark McMahan - 3 years ago

    It was a great finale with a few too many cliffhangers that point to contract negotiations with the actors/actresses. And that really sucks because the show stands out as the best series on TV by far!
    I guess we have to watch for snippets in the off season regarding new people joining the cast or existing cast members moving on to “new shows”. Let’s hope this doesn’t water it down and ruin the show.

  • Ibby - 3 years ago

    I think Roark planted the bomb that injured/ possibly killed Beth. And hired the men to storm Kayce’s office. Jamie’s dad shot John.
    Rip will find John in time because of the vultures flying. Rip WILL take Jamie to the train station!!!

  • Robin - 3 years ago

    WOW!!! Season 3 finale had me excited, hopping and popping. Damn, I wanted to get my gun and round up the men riding to avenge John, the innocent woman by stander, Kayce, and Beth. Dig a live Beth out of the bombed building rubble. Help an un-injuried Kayce clean up the mess in his office. Provide emergency medical assistance to John and the innocent woman and her child. Then like riders on a storm get the people who ordered the hit. On a side note get Jamie prosecuted and locked up for the murder of the reporter (which he did earlier in prior episode). Reveal Jamie for what he actually is a sociopath. Plus the adoption into the Dutton family. Make Market Equalities go away permanently. Rip and Beth are to marry protecting Yellowstone along side Kayce and his family. Rainwater decides John Dutton is an alley. John Dutton lives out the rest of his days happy knowing his legacy is protected. Jimmy lives and decides not to allow Mia control him. Mia and Laimara go on down the road. Walker decides his permanent place is on Yellowstone ranch whole being thankful to have a home and sanctuary.

  • Joan G - 3 years ago

    I loved the show. Binged watched the shows until the last episode. I hope that John, Beth and Kayce survive and give Jamie what he deserves. Really hope they don't take too long with season 4.
    Great show, great acting.

  • Happy - 3 years ago

    Great series. I can usually figure out the ins n outs of a mystery but not this one! Will definitely look forward to season 4 with bated breath n Crown n Coke on ice!!! Contract renewals will let us know of characters deaths. Money is really the "root of all evil" but it sure would be nice to have some????.! The scenery is spectacular n the detail to authenticity of cowboy life is sooo good. What was the reason for the dead horse? I thought that was sadder than all the carnage. Oh well. I guess the writers will get to work to satisfy our curious minds. Til next year.????

  • Eddie - 3 years ago

    Love the show and have been hooked from the beginning. Hate that we have to wait for season 4! Sure hope it opens with Jaime getting his head ripped off!

  • virginia nix - 3 years ago

    Roarke did it all. But where is he really from in the past????? Why did he say yellowstone was his???? Is he another son of John Duttons from the past????

  • Russ - 3 years ago

    Awesome. Unfortunately, I think Beth is dead. First, Rip is at his mother’s exhumed body and BAM! Rip loses both his mother and fiancé. He will be delivering a massive number of people to the train station next year.i doubt Jamie and his dad will survive the season.

  • Joel - 3 years ago

    There certainly won't be an "exhale" with next season's opener! What a great show. I agree that this is truly one of the best TV series in ages and stands among Sopranos and Game of Thrones in greatness, IMHO. I wish Taylor would bring in a team and expand the season to include more episodes, or compress the time between seasons as the actors all seem to love what they're doing and would possibly be agreeable to doing just a few more episodes per season. The backdrop of the countryside is a star as well, and it's just a pleasant hour of being transported to that other life that ranchers and wranglers live. Huge props to all of the cast, but Jamey has bought his ride on the long black train, and I do think Rip will be the one to punch his ticket.

  • Norman - 3 years ago

    Great last show. I don't think anyone but Jimmy will die. I think Jamie's father is the one behind the bomb and the shootings. Either way I can't wait for the show to start back up.

  • Pam - 3 years ago

    What about Jimmy? He could have been killed getting back on a bucking horse. That would eliminate disruption in the bunk house. It might also have his girlfriend raising a bigger stink about the brand. Surely that can't kill off any of the others.

  • Cindy - 3 years ago

    This season 3 finale was awesome!! The true element of surprise. Rip is going to go nuclear on the culprits when he finds who they are....and he's going to kick Jaime's butt too!! John, Beth and Kayce are significant characters on this show. I can't see them being killed. It's truly a "who did it
    " ending. What a cliffhanger!! Love it. Rip's monologue at his mom's casket was great! I really like Willa she's tough, but Beth is my girl! Rainwater is an important character I like him, he'll be back....but I'll always root for the Duttons, no matter how many enemies they enemies. it's going to be grueling waiting for season 4 to come out next year!! I'm excited!! Great quality television on every artistic level!!!

  • Norma - 3 years ago

    Exciting ending. Buck Taylor looking good in starched levis as authentic as you can get! Can't wait for next year.

  • Brian - 3 years ago

    Many believe that there are a great deal of parallels to The Godfather- I know within the first few episodes of season one I did. That being said, Jamie is basically Fredo, Beth is Sonny and Kayce is Michael. They need to mix it up so outcomes don’t exactly match up. As the story evolves key people will be dealt the cards I don’t think it will happen just yet. That said, in the near future look for Beth to wack someone. I see the whole series ending in some distant year with the land being put into some Irrevocable Trust to the Indians as Tate as the minor's trust until he hits 18 and Kayce or mom as the Trustee until he becomes an adult.

  • Roccopad - 3 years ago

    As a whole, season 3 was a big disappointment....we waited all episodes for something big to happen or a decision to be made about something, anything. The finale was just par for the course of the whole season. A big nothing....

  • Brian - 3 years ago

    Great ending! Like who killed JR all over again but way better. The writers certainly want to cloud who did it with multiple choices. The obvious being Roarke of Market Equities. Jamie couldn’t pulled something that big off. However, I have my money on Angela as the twist. She needs something big that pins the hits on Market Equities and lays the groundwork for her to replace Rainwater. Then again there could be a silent fourth in the shadows. One thing is for sure - Rip will loose his mind and go totally nuclear. Also, look for Kayce to become Governor and undermine Jamie in office.

  • Sandra - 3 years ago

    I have an obvious typo in my comment of today. I meant Kayce not Jayce...forgot to check my comment before posting.

  • Ginger - 3 years ago

    The only one dead is Jamie!! He put that hit out on his family and he will be taken to the train station along with his bio dad! This was all Jamie!! Hell hath no furry like Beth!

  • Sandra - 3 years ago

    John, Jayce and Beth May have been injured but they will survive and God help the persons responsible for this carnage. I’m excited for Season 4. I love the characters on this series and the scenery. The horses running in open fields reminds me of my childhood growing up on my grandfather’s ranch in central Texas.

  • Don Sayer - 3 years ago

    Angela, the beautiful lawyer who insults the Chief in the limo arranged the shootings (she hates Whitey) No mystery here to me, contracts are up for renewal, Those who sign survive.

  • michael welch - 3 years ago

    this the best television series since the sopranos and its a western setting plus all those beautiful ram trucks and name brand toys they use.

  • Brenda Salmon - 3 years ago

    It TRULY is the best show ever. And it truly is the best show that he's ever done . It's so sex we have to wait almost a full year now to see season 4 and yes I agree with everybody else the commercials were ridiculous. But hey it was worth it the show is just unbelievable. I hope it goes for 10 Seasons or more. Thank you to everybody who makes this show we all really enjoy it❣

  • Linda Myers - 3 years ago

    Best series ever!!!!.

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    At least now they can control future salaries on all the main players. Can finish off whomever they want and write them off before next season.

  • CC - 3 years ago

    Everything about Yellowstone screams quality. The effort put into the details, down to the clothing and furniture all adds to the major elements of the show. The cast, writers, musical composition ( which is just superb) make up/hair, camera people, and every artist I left out have made a great dynamic combined together.

    Beth needs to survive because her character is monumental in this show. When her scene comes up you know something interesting is going to happen. It’s almost like I want to enable closed captioning so I don’t miss a word. So many great actors who seamlessly fit with each other ( or in opposition) in this series.

    There are such a variety of ‘onion’ characters laced with all these layers that start jutting out in quick snippets suggesting furtively if they are friend or foe.

    Then we get the elements of suspense and surprise. And it’s fast moving and nothing drags. It’s got us at attention. This is drama at its finest for a series formatted for tv.

    If it takes all those commercials to pay for the quality of this production, then I can deal with that. But ten months is a loooong time to wait for next episode. I realize actors need a hiatus and be able to live in their real worlds, but it’s still a long time for us Yellowstone fans. You hooked us, and that’s a good thing!

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    That was a hum dinger for sure. Wow!!!!!

  • Audrey - 3 years ago

    Wow Wow Wow loved the ending, can’t wait for next season... I’m thinking Beth won’t survive, only because Rip said to his dead mom “ maybe you’ll meet her somehow”..... When Jamie’s time comes, I think it will be John who takes him out....

  • Jim - 3 years ago

    Too many commercials. Rip and Kayce will kick ass and take names. Jamie is a dead man walking.

  • Pam - 3 years ago

    Time for Rip to take Jamie to the train station!

  • Leah Schmidt - 3 years ago

    Agree, I could bake a cake during the commercial breaks. Way too many. Did anyone notice Rip rubbing his face while talking to his dead mom, taking her ring off and then rubbing his face again? Ewwww????. I was grossed out. All the main characters will be back. There wouldn’t be a show without them.

  • Colleen - 3 years ago

    The overload of commercials break the rhythm of the drama. Because this show is so well watched there are certainly advertisers clamoring to buy time-it seems to me those that collect that revenue are getting too greedy. I recall in the first season there was advertising for the new series that advertising would be held to a minimum. Seems that train has left the station :-)

  • AJ - 3 years ago

    Jamie needs to go if he sides with his killer bio dad. I think Walker should be gone after his remark to Lloyd. The two barrel racers need to leave the show and the bunkhouse as they are trash. I hope John, Beth and Kayce all survive and get with the help of Rip those responsible. Great show , keep going for a few more years

  • Ed Cook - 3 years ago

    Yellowstone makes The old Dallas characters look like kindergarten kids. This cliffhanger is the best ever. But who was behind all the mayhem? Jamie? Roark ? Someone we haven’t seen ? Who survives.....Kayce will because of his SEAL Training, Beth snd john ??? Please don’t make us wait a year !!!!!

  • Linda Young - 3 years ago

    Awesome Show. I have watched Every Season. Hope Everyone Survives and Kicks Ass Next Season. Just sad we have to wait a year to watch.

  • Sharon A AyersAbsolutely - 3 years ago

    Absolutely love the show! Kevin Costner is the best! All the cast is great! Can't wait for season 4.

  • J Tamchay - 3 years ago

    Hope Monica and Tate we’re spared
    Rip will avenge if Beth is killed.
    Not sure that John wasn’t set up by the woman and kid.
    Jimmy is probably crippled and Rip has an attachment to him somehow.
    Can’t wait for season 4

  • Tonya Mason - 3 years ago

    Love this show and love the way it left everyone talking.
    John im sure survives, Beth is too big of a personality to kill off and Kacey can handle a gun fight. Im sure a lot of healing will need to start next series. Im sure they will rally and come back after whoever did this with a deadly vengeance. Jimmy i think is going to be dead or crippled. Cant wait for the next series but im sure there will be leaks before then.
    LOVE RIP...pray God sends me one!

  • Stevie - 3 years ago

    My absolute FAVORITE series since Breaking Bad! I hope RIP rips Jamie and Rourke into pieces! I think Beth, Kaycee and John will be okay. I could have done without RIP exhuming his dead mother and taking her wedding ring to give to Beth. Next time just get on e-bay. I look forward to season 4. Rainwater better wake up as he is being played by Angela.

  • Patricia Atkission - 3 years ago

    Season one was hard for me to get into. But once I did. I loved it. Three or four weeks ago. I bought Season three. I can't wait to add it to one and two. One of the best TV shows ever.

  • JOY K MACKIE - 3 years ago

    I loved the finale. I loved all three seasons. I think John will survive and so will Beth, not so sure about Kayce. Great characters , great writers, great location. Looking forward to next season. Jaime has got something coming for him.

  • Rick D - 3 years ago

    Best series I’ve seen in a decade. Love the fact it’s being shot as a long feature film in a Montana backdrop that is simply heaven on earth. The supporting Actors are all doing a superb job. Love the real life cowboys working in the cast. It gives it a real life flavor. Little things like Ordering the Coors beer and calling for 2 yellow jackets gives it that attention to detail that runs throughout the production. Awesome character development and writing, Director and cinematography as good as it gets. Love the fact it’s a contemporary western. It’s right up Costner's alley. Taking on Native American land rights, broken treaties, corporate greed and destruction of sacred land Issues is magnificent. Commercials don’t bother me. There wouldn’t be a show without them. It’s expensive to shoot a show of this quality. Casting director, location scout, props, stuntmen, makeup, wardrobe all A+. I’m hooked on the show!

  • Carol - 3 years ago

    Excellent show one i look forward to i was blown away by the cliff hanger rip will take care of it!! Everyone will survive but come back with vengence wiping the smug look off all involved love this show

  • Timothy Johnson - 3 years ago


  • Jerry - 3 years ago

    Intelligent drama. Full of surprises. Not over the top. Suspenseful and exciting. Not sure of the relevance of all the time spent on the ‘bunk-house’ romances but I guess that portion humanizes the plot(s).
    John and his family will live through this hardship and hell is about erupt. I was anxious for season 3 but now, I am really squirming for #4. Super casting, script, editing, direction and photography.Every once in a while something comes along that you can ‘sink your teeth into’ and Yellowstone appears to be at the top of the list!

  • GF Crowell - 3 years ago

    I saw this season end with JR and Dallas. Is this the best you could do?

  • Tosha - 3 years ago

    What the what?! Ehhh why did it end that way?! This is gonna drive me crazy. Kayce will be alive, RIP will find John, and Beth will make it cause she’s invincible.

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    This episode was too fictional it actually made the show seem stupid! All those attempted or actual murders would draw not only national but it would draw international attention! The Government would be all on it. They could never be able to seek revenge. The FBI would find allit and eventually those dead bodies at the train station will be found and the idea of a Yellowstone will be blown away along with the idea of building a town and this show would lose is luster of being the bad ass cowboy ranch it is! It’s jus too much in one episode

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    This episode was too fictional it actually made the show seem stupid! All those attempted or actual murders would draw not only national but it would draw international attention! The Government would be all on it. They could never be able to seek revenge. The FBI would find allit and eventually those dead bodies at the train station will be found and the idea of a Yellowstone will be blown away along with the idea of building a town and this show would lose is luster of being the bad ass cowboy ranch it is! It’s jus too much in one episode

  • Angela - 3 years ago

    Been waiting for the finale, it Was Mind Blowing And Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat. Just Way To Many Commercials. It Should Have Been 2 hours Long. Please Don't Let Them Die.They Are The One's That Makes The Show. Can't Wait For Season 4, Game Over!!!! It's Going To Be On... Hope Kaycee lives and Him And Rip Tear A New Hole In Everybody That Had A Part In The Chaos. Beth Has To Live, She's A BAD ASS!!!! I Figure The Lil Boy Will Probably Get Adopted By John Family. Po Jimmy Done Missed Up Now Paralyzed, Whyyyy! I'm Thinking Rainwater was probably the one that went after John instead of Rourke, To Get Him Out The Way For The Land and Willa, Went After Beth. I'm not feeling Jaime anymore, He May Have Just Been The One Who Did All Of This. SEASON 4, WHYYYY SOOO LONG!!!!

  • Gilbert Cortez - 3 years ago

    To many commercials, why until next summer to long, hell Tate will be married by then, and who knows what going to happen to the series with the Covid-19 pandemic, and why only10 episodes, I hope they make some changes on the summer series#4..

  • Roger - 3 years ago

    They all survive but it’s going to take a lot of time to heal. Rip will get to the bottom of this and Kayce will end Jamie, just guessing.Season 4 is going to be smashing , can’t wait

  • Jeanie - 3 years ago

    Greatest TV show in a very long time. Well developed characters, super backstories, and always surprising and suspenseful!!

  • Kenneth - 3 years ago

    I wasn't expecting a western cliffhanger. I guess I'm the dumb one.

  • Ken - 3 years ago

    The finale should have been 2 hours! There are so many commercials it's PATHETIC!! There is as many commercials as show!! I love the show but WHY so many commercials and WHY only 10 episodes???

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    Set the later..FF past the very heavy commercial load..This show strikes me as a cross between Dallas and Sons of Anarchy..Over the top fun!

  • Brina_0205 - 3 years ago

    I believe John and Kaycee live. I’m up in the air on Beth. She better live, because she’s a bad ass and Yellowstone wouldn’t be the same without her. I think Jamie went after John, but I think it was Roarke who went after Beth and Kaycee. All I know is whoever did it is going to be a goner in season 4. Can’t wait for next season!!!!

  • Lynn - 3 years ago

    Too many commercials. I would like to see more of the story since we have to wait so long. Always very exciting, and violent, with an excellent cast. I wish each episode was at least two hours long each week. Superb writers. Anxiously waiting for the next series.

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    At least we know John lives, I think Beth is gone, kaycee killed his attackers and I think Jamie and his ole man set it up.

  • Pam - 3 years ago

    Someone is taking out the whole family. I have a feeling it is Jamie and his POS bio “dad”! I hate That we have to wait until next summer to find out! John is alive, Beth is alive, I assume Kayce is still alive, too. When they figure out who is behind this, God help that person or those people!!

  • Yvonne Morgan - 3 years ago

    Summer is too long to wait for next season. Everyone but the rodeo kid, the little boy's mother and the girl that opened the box will live. The woman's son will be raised by the daughter . This is my first season watching and I am ready for the next season.

  • Oosti - 3 years ago

    Jamie and his biological father did it. Jamie’s ready to believe anyone but John Dutton, no questions asked. I can’t believe Beth would’ve been outfoxed by Jamie. Also, Beth survives. The bomb blasted out, not towards her.

  • Roz - 3 years ago

    Geez, how long will we have to wait for season 4 to come around? I’ve really enjoyed watching all of the episodes, but the last one has left me hanging and thinking, “ is that it?”

  • Dee - 3 years ago

    I am lose words. So much to take in with this season finale. Want a cliffhanger. The big takeover is going down ...Oh No, I can't right down...All I say is WHY.. Looking forward to Season 4, bring it on!!!

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    Ugh - I agree too many commercials!!! Obviously they are not going to kill off all of the Duttons , however if they kill off Beth I will probably quit watching. I am not a big fan of cliffhangers, but this was absolutely uncalled for. I was mad when it was over. I was like “ wtf!!” It’s murder waiting until next summer. This is my favorite show on TV right now and will stay that way unless they kill off Beth.

  • randy Zimmerman - 3 years ago

    what a super season I hope that next season is this great

  • Trish - 3 years ago

    Jaime will get whats coming to him with Rip still around. Kayce can hold his own and Beth is to tough to take out. I believe/hope all the key players are still in it. Jimmie doesn't look good for him, think Mia pushed a little too hard for him to return to rodeo.

  • Teresa - 3 years ago

    Too violent, too much carnage! Did you really have to kill a good horse? Poison one of the characters but enough of the machine gun killings! Like watching Waco.

  • Mina - 3 years ago

    Wow!!! Every series has their season finale cliffhanger but the Duttons gave us multiple cliffhangers. Cannot wait for season 4 to see who all survives!!!

  • Lisa Stewart - 3 years ago

    Fan-flippin'-tabulous finale! Takes me back to my "Dallas" days (who killed J.R.?). #1 on my list of things to do while waiting for the Season4 premier: research each of the actors' contract renewals. That should result in a few pre-production spoilers. lol

  • Ray - 3 years ago

    Too too too many commercials. Have to record just so I get to watch the show and bypass all the commercials. Really love the series but hate that there are more commercials than show time.
    Looking forward to the next season.

  • Crystal - 3 years ago

    Jaime is now the enemy.....he'll be the next one to try and take the ranch. They should've killed his ass off. Ugh!!! I love me some Beth/RIP and Kacey/Monica.....they can't die!!!

  • Steve Tutko - 3 years ago

    Beth is a goner... believe the rest will make it... Jaime is a dead man walking...Rip will be a unstoppable storm. ..can't wait to see the first show up next season

  • Christina Mason - 3 years ago

    Too many commercials. Too long to wait to see who survives. If too many characters die I may not want to watch season 4.

  • MARY KAY Rzepka - 3 years ago

    I have been looking forward to this finale all week. I thought the ending was awful:( I'm sooo disappointed! It was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I like cliffhangers but not this one:(

  • Felicia Estrada - 3 years ago

    They need to all live and go after Jaime who probably set them up to have them killed.

  • Matthew V Angle - 3 years ago

    To much commercials!!!
    Jack the commercial cost up 60%
    But cut the commercials by 50%.
    And let us watch the program!
    It is a great series.
    Great actors.

  • Pam - 3 years ago

    Wow. What else is there to say except I hope Rip can get ahold of Jamie and best the pure living crap out of him

  • Kurt - 3 years ago

    My guess, john lives cause of the kid that went for the lug nuts kayce kills his group,Beth bites it which sends RIP on a all out spree!
    Yee haw let er buck! Bring on season 4!

  • Kirk - 3 years ago

    Great episode the show always leaves me want more. I can’t wait for season 4 it needs to hurry and have more than 10 episodes ???? Great show hope it’s around for a long time.

  • Dean Beck - 3 years ago

    Too much left hanging....if Tate is the only Dutton besides Jamie then Yellowstone is a goner! We needed something to hold to our hearts, but you’ve ripped them right out. Horrible season finale!

  • Doni Riley - 3 years ago

    Please don't kill ALL my favorites :/

  • Danny - 3 years ago

    Awesome episode. Can't wait for season 4 !!

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