Which country do you think is most similar to Haiti?

  • Jeff - 9 months ago

    Yeah, of course Haiti is not a lot like Dominican Republic, but it probably is the most similar taking into account demographics, geography, culture, technology and politics. I think you are discounting the fact that Haiti is also a lot of things different from African countries too. Most notably geography. Bottom line is Haiti is pretty unique.

  • Marco Z - 9 months ago

    Dominican Republic is not similar to Haiti at all. Not even close.

  • Victor S - 9 months ago

    Dominican Rep., most similar to Haiti?, I'm dominican, and I know about Haiti. Western/Central African countries are the ones most similar to Haiti. The other side of Hispaniola is extremely different from us. Even the maternal/ paternal african lineages between both nations, are different in origin. Please educate yourself people, and don't automatically assume things based on geography.

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