Do you think Jerry is a cool cuck or an insecure cuck?

  • ShayDeeDame - 2 years ago

    The “Fucking with Black People” segment from today has me screaming “Dracarys!!!!” at the top of my lungs.
    That broad that adopted a black child, only to subject him to racism in his own home breaks my heart. Saying that its understandable for cops to see him as a threat. That bitch sees HER OWN CHILD as a threat, so of course she understands why any racism and hatred that he endures is justified.
    Imagine not having a solid foundation from your parents, teaching you about the ills of society, and giving you insight on navigating this shithole country. Instead, you are MARINATING in an environment that can only result in you having copious amounts of self-hatred.
    My heart aches for this poor baby. When (not if, because it will absolutely happen) that kid has his first racist teacher, his parents aren’t going to be willing to go to bat for him, as almost every black parent has had to do for their child. Nope. Instead, he’s probably going to get a lecture about how HIS actions caused the issues.
    I’m gonna speak for everyone when I say that story left me feeling well and truly fucked with ????

  • Rebecca Michetti - 2 years ago

    Oh, you two and your jokes. I hear your jokes and Im laughing with you but here is where it's not so funny. It's a fuckin miracle that Bannon was put under FEDERAL arrest for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. You see a couple months back Barr, who Im sure got wind of this, tried having Geoffrey Berman Attorney General of SNYD retire early, but Berman wouldnt budge till he knew who his replacement was and would only allow his replacement to be his underling. Gotta hand it to bureaucracy right here. They used the post office because it's just about the only Federal jurisdiction that isnt run by Barr. Not to mention Bannon was brazen enough to commit wire fraud. So the post office was used to undermine The Attorney General of the US so that we could get an actual criminal off the streets, or boat in his case . That's how bad this whole shit show is.
    This is only the beginning. Buckle up its gonna get real bumpy.
    Great work and thanks for the jokes that keep me smiling at work.

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