Joe Biden Barbershop Talks

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  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 4 years ago

    NO. Barbershops are for talking shit, getting driving directions, and massaging conspiracy theories. It's a place for the community to let their hair down and not feel the confines of proper society behavior. To bring real politics into a barbershop is a mistake, and I'm not talking about respectability. The HOTEPery of Black Barbershops meeting super-foot-in-da-mouth of Joe Biden is a bad, bad, bad idea. Joe Biden could go in there with the purest of hearts and intentions, but it's going to go wrong. It's going to provide excuses for Black people to not vote (who weren't going to vote anyway) and provide more material for Trump's Biden smear ads that haunt my YouTube account. This idea feels more of a publicity stunt for the organizers.

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