How Many Games Will The Washington Football Team Win?
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  • Derrick Harper - 2 months ago

    First I have been a Washington R word fan all my life but we are getting a little carried away. We have young guys with potential and a new head coach. It will take a least a year for the team to gel and for our young quarterback to grasp and take command of the offense. I believe we will win 5 games or lower this year base on three reasons. One our corners and secondary are weak and our front line have not proven to be a strong contenders just yet. We always say we have a strong line but it has yet to be seen or generated on the football field. Finally, we have scary Terry Okay, finally someone competent enough to actually catch the footballs that are thrown to him. We're getting fired up because we haven't seen it done in so many years that someone comes along that is just doing there job. He becomes the greatest. To be honest I like Terry but he is only robin we should still be looking for our #1 wide receiver. The Batman signal is still in the air but we shall see. This ones free. Every championship team needs a shutdown corner and the last one we had was traded to Denver for an average running back. Sorry Portis love you man but that's straight facts.

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