Have you had any complaints about employees being too vocal about their support for their favorite candidate? (If yes, leave a comment sharing your resolution) (Poll Closed)

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  • Rebecca L Steiger - 9 months ago

    I support the First Amendment and draw the line on conversations that are intended to convince me to agree. I don't have a need to impose my beliefs and opinions on others. I follow facts and to a lesser degree my intuition.
    " The Person ( lady) protests to much, methinks" Shakespeare.
    Forceful, loud opinions make me wonder who the person is trying to convince - me or themselves.
    We should be too busy working and producing effective results for our paycheck and keep our personal opinions about religion, politics for our private lives. Maybe that's the bottom line. It is not the business of our employers to dictate our personal opinions, lives and decisions. We can choose employers that reflect our values, although most folks do not. They suck it up until they are angry and project their frustrations on the freeway or being aggressive in their political views.
    Wearing a T-shirt, " Black lives Matter" is not a substitute for applying political pressure on elected officials to put an end to the abuse and murder of Black people - any people. We live in a police state and too many of our officers are militants rather than peace keepers. Might does not make right. Just because you can does not mean it should be allowed.

  • Michael Qualheim - 9 months ago


  • Ash Ortiz - 9 months ago

    We allow political conversation and the sharing of ideas as long as it does not impact the work or get attack-y. At that point, we prefer to engage the employees in conflict resolution and seeing how words and actions affect those around them. Has not happened yet, but we have out fingers crossed as November approaches.

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