Would you like to see more ambition at City?
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  • Alan Kitson - 2 weeks ago

    Your poll only needs two of the above chocies, that being 1 and 3. The challenges of Covid are obvious and should not deter from the long term ambitions of the club. That leads to what does the term ambition mean when tossed around on social media. I can only speak for myself but every club has ambition, how much of it is not down to the fans but the owners of any club.
    City for instance are talked about as a 'big' club in this division by players recruited from elsewhere. Just listen or read any interview with anyone signed by the club.
    Our 'natural' level should be top half of league 1 but not any higher, our history dictates league 1 and 2 is where we have spent most of our history. Yet this season the general comments from pundits, journos and the bookies is that we have the feel of a mid table side. For me, any time we are unfortunate to be in league 2 we should be talked about as top two material every season. To not be, in the bottom division, makes a mockery of players talking about how 'We shouldn't be in this division' and 'big stadium, big crowds, big club etc'.
    If at the beginning of any season in league 2, commentators are viewing you as a mid table side, then quite rightly the ambition of the club from the top down should questioned without a doubt.

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