What is the fair way to treat Jeffrey Previte?


  • Peter Alaimo - 2 years ago

    I have never seen someone treat their animal so harshly. Anything worse then this would be the animal dying. I believe this dog should be takin away from him and he should be restricted from having pets. I don’t think this should ruin Jeffery, but should seriously alter his life and thought process for the future.

  • Miki Hart - 2 years ago

    Has Bici been checked by a veterinarian?
    Has someone checked out the “loving home” that they gave Bici to?
    I wouldn’t take anything Jeffrey Previte says as truth. That goes for his brother or anyone in the Previte family says in his defense. Their excuses were lame and exactly what people who think they’re “privileged” would say.

  • Noa Lister - 2 years ago

    The man needs therapy and should be prosecuted for animal cruelty. The fact that he responded in such a Laissez faire attitude clearly indicates that the puppy is NOT SAFE with him. If they don’t want to end up with a dead puppy they need to REMOVE HIM FROM this mans home ASAP!

  • Jane Babcock - 2 years ago

    The dog should be taken away and given to a loving family. Hopefully, Previte does not have children or the same could happen to them. He should never be allowed to have any other animals except a tiger!!!

    I would never ever want to know this man- a man with so much violence and hatred with an animal. Courts should
    Demand therapy for him.

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