Should Republicans move to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court during Trump's presidency?

  • Laszlo Almasi - 2 months ago

    The Democrats themselves and Biden said the President has a constitutional duty to fill a vacant SCOTUS seat "even a few months before a presidential election" did he not? But now in 2020 Biden is showing, once again, his hypocrisy by stating a president should be chosen before the seat is filled. Or could it be his dementia kicking in and his not remembering where he stood just 4 years prior?

  • Gentleman's Gentleman - 2 months ago

    The way the democrats done kavanaugh Trump and the senate should have worked through the weekend to fill that seat while the media and the dems werre still stewing in their own crap

  • Ed Glimpse - 2 months ago

    All you need is 50 votes. Mike Pence breaks the tie. PASSED!!

  • Ann Burrows - 2 months ago

    Yes, proceed. Out of 20 nominees surely one is worthy. We need a full Supreme Court, regardless of other politics. A legal appointment, staunch constitutionalist, not taking into consideration sex, race, etc.

  • Kevin - 2 months ago

    Needs to be filled immediately by the most staunchly constitutionalist possible!!! TRUMP2020 ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

  • Amy Pritchettill - 2 months ago

    This is one of the most important promises that DJT made. He has every right to choose a replacement. What McConnell noted was that you don't choose a SCJ in an election year, when the President is of the opposing party of the Senate. Merrick Garland was Obama's choice in his last year of Presidency, with a Republican Senate. Trump has the Senate, and he has every right to fill the vacancy.

  • TMarch - 2 months ago

    Get the process going asap!.... The left has busted Trump's balls since BEFORE day 1 and will never stop til he leaves one way or another!.... So with that in mind full steam ahead getting the next justice in and reclaim some pride in the party!

  • Cat - 2 months ago

    Nominate Amy Coney Barrett RIGHT AWAY and pass it on to the Senate. Don't care what the dems are saying. Chuck and Nancy would do it quicker than a New York minute!

  • Linda Hall - 2 months ago

    Fill that spot now no slack .The Democrats sure wouldn't wait if the shoe was on the other foot..move forward now asap President Trump

  • Dianna - 2 months ago

    He should go forward with a replacement. The democrats wouldn't hesitate to replace with one of their judges.

  • Elliott - 2 months ago

    Of course they should, it is one of the most important responsibilities of a president. It would be an abdication for him not to.

  • Shannon - 2 months ago

    With the election results being potentially challenged by the left and their 600 attorneys...fill that seat now!!

  • Joanne - 2 months ago

    President Trump should fill that seat. The dems are going to do everything they can to get in the way of filling this seat by our President.

  • David - 2 months ago

    After all the injustice the Democratic party has pulled on our President, I say President Donald J. Trump sould be the one to pick the next supreme court judge.

  • Bentonsv - 2 months ago

    Go for it! Fill that spot NOW!

    Democrats damn sure wouldn’t wait if the shoe was on the other foot!

  • Court - 2 months ago

    They impeached, I say go for it!!!

  • Alicia - 2 months ago

    I want him to but I know the Democrats will block it just like the Republicans did when Obama wanted too.

  • Kathy - 2 months ago

    No slack! If the Dems were in control in the same situation, they most certainly move to replace!

  • MrsDianne Kirkwood - 2 months ago

    We need an honest Supreme Court ruled by the rule of law and the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, that does not favor one party.

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