Are you going to early vote?


  • Lennie - 4 years ago

    Here I go messing up the poll. Again. I chose vote by mail because my Board of Elections is mailing everyone a ballot. However, I may go to our early voting place if the ballot drop boxes aren't convenient for me. I trust USPS with many things but not this time. My polling place has always had social distancing and hand sanitizer so that's not a concern. I am concerned they haven't recruited enough younger, healthy poll workers to replace the usual crew. So, we'll see in October. I'm very lucky that I have so many options. While our presidential choice is a foregone conclusion (thank goodness) the council races are going to very tight.
    Please vote everyone.

  • Iman - 4 years ago

    I was going to wait until the day of, but a friend of mine shared a picture of her early voting sticker and said they give you two stickers. One for now and another to save for actual voting day. And that’s why I vote, for the stickers. . .if “oppression” isn’t a big enough reason. Do it for the stickers y’all!

  • ShayDeeDame - 4 years ago

    Yep! Not only am I voting, I’m working the polls! I was giving it thought when I heard that a lot of elderly people that usually work the polls are too afraid to do so this year because of Dat Hoe Rona.
    Then, RBG passed away a few days ago and bloop, I signed up. Even though I know first hand how dangerous Covid can be, I also know how dangerous it can be to have You-Know-Who running things for another 4 years.
    I’m thinking about having an available polling place at our home, but I’m still mulling over that part.
    The only reason I haven’t yet is because I don’t want to have any Republicans coming onto my property and leaving their bad vibes. There’s not enough smudging to get rid of Republican ill intentions that are left in your home.
    “Now, more than ever...” we have to do everything that we can. I live in NV, and we’re *currently* a purple state, but a way that I keep up with the political temperature is by reading the comments in our local news posts on fb.
    There are a LOT of people being pissy about our governor putting in a mask mandate. They’re also angry because he was critical of the Orange Gummy Bear Built Bitch in Chief having an indoor rally last week.
    I say alllllll of that to like your life depends on it, because it DOES!

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