Is Verzuz mostly for older people?


  • Monique Kemdoc - 2 years ago

    Swizz and Timbo are old/antequated and out of touch so I would say that’s why it feels that way. But even the match ups have been geared toward artists that these 18 year olds have never heard of. There’s this YouTube account of these twins listening to classic hip hop and R&B songs for the first time. At first I was like get the Fukk outta here yo who hasn’t heard killing me softly or Xfactor. But I believed them. They probably hadn’t heard 7% of the songs Brandy and Monica played. They don’t know who Nelly is. Maybe Ludacris. Maybe. The young kids def don’t know who Jadakiss is really lol.

  • Lennie - 2 years ago

    I just turned 51 this month - definitely Generation X. Verzuz is nostalgia based for sure. Is it for older people? I don't think that was the plan. I'm sure it wasn't what Apple or Instagram had in mind when they got involved. I just don't think kids who were "born digital" would appreciate the format.

    To change topics -
    When Kaseem was talking about the unidentified packages his tenants get during Covid, did any one else think "Adam and Eve?" I don't remember if they sponsored this episode or the one after this but that immediately popped into my head. LOL!

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 2 years ago

    To admit that it is for old people is to admit that I myself is old. Fuck it. I just turned 48. I'm coming up on 50. I'll claim old. lmao I enjoyed the Patti and the Gladys verzuz the most because I grew up listening to it. Sometimes I forget how much of my parents and grandparents' music I absorbed growing up because they controlled the radio in the house. It wasn't until I got my first walkman at 12 did I really explore different types of music to call my own.

  • Iman - 2 years ago

    From this episode I take you mean older as “young boomers” and generation X-ers? If that’s what you mean then that’s why I voted “No”. But if you mean anyone in their 20’s and up then yea. I don't think teenagers are interested in verzuz. It’s definitely nostalgia based like you said. I don’t feel old, I’m in my 30’s maybe I’m just in my feelings about the question. Lol.

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