Should there be a more aggressive policy against narcos and organized crime?

  • Dorothy Baine Ibarra - 4 weeks ago

    Crooked border control on both sides. Patrols turn a blind eye to illegal drugs and firearms. Check points, Army do a pretty good job. More Checkpoints!

  • Wayne - 5 weeks ago

    When a crime is being committed or you live in a dangerous community the right of every human being is to protect yourself, I guarantee you the narcos wud be cleaned out when citizens have protection, Mexico the slaughter!!

  • Wanderer - 5 weeks ago

    Follow the law and have honest judges. Decriminalize, control and tax drug movement and sales. Pay fair salaries to police and others in law enforcement.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 weeks ago

    George, Old Sport: The drug cartels are an abomination, but you're wiping your ass with your uncovered hand on the remittances. People who work - anywhere!- are free to do as they wish with their earnings. It is none of your effing business, cowboy. I suspect you bear great hate to the Mexicans who work in the U.S. Well, Bubba, who the Eff employs them,,,and why? You know the answers to both of those questions. You make me laugh...

  • Robert. - 5 weeks ago

    Mexico need to be more aggressively to destroy all those terrorist

  • George - 5 weeks ago

    It’s a sad commentary when a nation’s economy is so heavily dependent on drug cartels and citizens sending money back from jobs in foreign countries.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 weeks ago

    FACT: Crime is part of every country's economy. Guns are to crime what gloves are to baseball. Mexico knows what its cartels mean to the national economy, as Colombia once did. You simply cannot just shut it down. When you have a rabid consumer of drugs in the U.S., well, it makes ending it that much more difficult. Guns and crime are here to stay - everywhere! Ask yourself: Where are the guns manufactured? You know the answer to that one, too...

  • Bill Barnes - 5 weeks ago

    Not allowing the purchase of legal firearms tI the general public means that only government and criminals have guns. The most violent cities in the USA also have the strictest gun laws. There are towns that encourage gun ownership and have little to no violent gun crime. Where I lived in NC every single home in our little “Colonas” was armed. From shotguns to rifles and handguns. We had zero crime. Think on that.

  • Juan C - 5 weeks ago

    Se necesita eliminar la corrupción en las corporaciones para no utilizar armas.

  • Sandra Kral - 5 weeks ago

    Hugs won't solve the problem. Time for bullets.

  • robert corkrum - 5 weeks ago

    Between the politicans and cartels Mexico will never become the great country it could be...With freedom comes responsibilty and every Mexican should insist on a better life. The U.S.A. and all our drug problems and lack of gun sales to anyone is to blame also,but with less drug supply we might figure something out....

  • Roberto MORALES M. - 5 weeks ago

    Just that, a far better intelligent policy.

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