Do you think the battle over the Supreme Court vacancy will give Trump a boost over Biden in the election?

  • Judy Flannery - 2 months ago

    I think president Trump should pick a Supreme Court judge & Senate vote this is what Constitution says not going to change it! Let the Democrats start there little fit throwing especially Chuck & Nancy BLM & all the other rioters let us see how bad they are! They will blame it on President Trump of course! When it is them! They take the blame for nothing! Even Ruth said have 9 judges!

  • Douglas schmitt - 2 months ago

    As soon as a judge is oppointed the demorats will have all their minions like antifa and blm start rioti g again

  • Rita - 2 months ago

    I am in total agreement with President Trump, I don’t understand how our Republicans in Congress second-guess themselves. Maybe that’s why Trump had to tell them to get the heck up and start working on our country several months ago. I do agree with almost all the Americans that feeling the seat is vital to our country and if we stand and rethink and don’t do it shame on us fill the seat and be done with it. I would like to tell all the Republicans to just put the blinders on cover your ears and go forward accomplish the goal and deal with it later don’t listen to the enemy because this is a battle between right and wrong good and bad evil and righteous!! God will help all of us we just have to start making good choices. Do not second-guess anything fill the seat and be done with it and you’ll see everybody is for Trump! The Democrats are always going to be the naysayers and the whiners but Trump has been appointed by God to do a good work for America and I will stand on God‘s word that what good thing he has started in Trump he will finish! I love my President Trump! When this is all over I would love to make dinner for him and his wife and his staff and his family! Go Trump from your family here in Texas!

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