Do you approve of Amy Barrett as President Trump's pick to replace Ginsburg?

  • Kathleen - 2 months ago

    @Freda Blankenship We need Cruz in the Senate. Sadly, We can’t keep raiding the good ones off the Hill. It leaves a seat open & vulnerable as well as nobody w/“a pair” left up there on the (R) side but a few spineless elites/Rhinos.

  • Suzanne - 2 months ago

    Yes!!! She’s a local girl to me and went to the same high school as my daughter, Dominican in New Orleans.

  • Bev - 2 months ago

    I hope to God the DemonRats don’t rip her to shreds but we already know they will, may God be with her and protect her from the evil she’s about to face.

  • Freda Blankenship - 2 months ago

    I would like to have seen him pick Ted Cruz.

  • Timmy - 2 months ago

    Hope she don’t turn out like Roberts.
    Bush got taken

  • Judy Flannery - 2 months ago

    I hope the Democrats are not mean to her especially over religion. They can be really mean.

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