What grade do you give the Seattle Mariners for their just-completed 2020 season? (Poll Closed)
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  • The Future - 8 months ago

    with enough young, burgeoning talent, and a season off for haniger, things are looking bright... for 'the future'. my nemesis, 'the present', is having a tougher time with aging players, guys that don't contribute, and multiple pitchers that consistently underperform (kikuchi, hirano, graveman, and more) . I'm pretty sure that 'the present' would rather have the japanese kid that the angels landed (than most of the starting pitchers on the staff), even with his tommy john surgery and not pitching, at least he can hit!
    go out and get a big free agent arm that is proven, sign to a three year deal, pair with sheffield, gonzales, dunn, and some other consistent arm that can pitch at the safe and that will get us to the crop of young pitchers in a the pipeline 2-3 years down the road.
    ditch gordon, smith, seager (yes), long, vogelbach, odom, and half the pitching staff. fill SP, 3B, and RP as the first priorities.

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