What are the chances that President López Obrador will be pressured to resign?

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 3 weeks ago

    Wrong, Codo! This, if ever, is the Time to Talk Politics, Skinflint! What is the alternative, miser lad? You burying your head under a doubled-over pillow, hoping everyone remains silent on Issues Of The Day? Beware, I say! Beware!...

  • -El Codo- - 4 weeks ago

    I can only wonder how many people commenting hold a valid IFE card?

    Hard and fast statements of predictions are fraught with peril.

    Some people vote with their party of choice because of local economics. Deputados, Senadores, or cabinet member loyalties.

    It's a good idea to avoid talking politics altogether. At least in public. It seems to always lead to arguments and fights especially where drinking is involved.

    INM gets really irate if they encounter a temporary or permanent extraneous becoming a little too loud in public about political affairs whether local or national. Fume at home not in public. Hot headed Mèxicanos may cause grief to whom cause resentment.

    Look at what's the hot button in the EUA currently. Why should
    México be any different?

  • Art Sanchez - 4 weeks ago

    As usual, no president of MX suggests change as a resolve - so conditions don’t wary. Fighting same crimes w/ different president is the lasting norm. Poor stay poor- rich get richer. Same as the US...must be a global approach.

  • Miria - 4 weeks ago

    Mr Betanzos are you thinking about Mr Trump?

    Unfortunately no matter who is on the president’s chair the problems will always be the same
    The problem is not so much the President actions Majority of the issues belong to 130 million Mexicans

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 4 weeks ago

    A Mexican president is rarely a figure to be loved and admire. How can you when all societal mores are forever breaking down. Very much like America's ongoing hatefest with Trump, well, AMLO seems to be courting the exact same "I-Me-Mine" style of governance. It is what has historically been known as the "fatalism" Mexico embodies in every aspect of Human Life. As Simon & Garfunkel would say about here, after changes upon changes, we are more or less the same,. FREE ADVICE: Do not try to change Mexico; it is a wildly-fantastic-totally-surreal-seemingly-electrified country as it is. Yes, with socio-political warts and all...

  • Teresa Guffy - 4 weeks ago

    I did not vote for any of the candidates in the last election because I was very disgusted of the PRI, PAN and not sure about Lopez Obrador but now after I found out all the corruption going on in Mexico for so many years I'll definitely suggest to the people to vote in the next election thinking in the future of the country not in their own interests and no matter what party the candidate belongs to just look for the record of the person don't close your eyes to the truth be wise do your research and do the right thing please.

  • Tara Leesa Davis - 4 weeks ago

    This is to refute Werner's and his comment!! Amlo is the most corrupt President in all of Mexico's history!! He practices nepotism to the max - all of his family. His cronies- that are his boot lickers - serve him as long as he is the main recipient of their illicit earnings. He has allowed rent-a-soldiers on loan from Communist Leaders from Central America, Cuba and Venezuela to intimidate and threaten Mexican citizens - his own private "storm troopers" like Hitler's except Hitler was a Fascist and Lopez is a Communist!! He is leading the country down the road of no return to be like Cuba or Nicaragua or Venezuela unless he is stopped before it's too later!!

  • jay - 4 weeks ago

    Many people had high hopes for AMLO when he was elected, but the biggest mistake he has made was following the Trumpian model of doing nothing about the coronavirus. Everyone knows the numbers reported are a fraction of the reality. I personally know people who were infected with Covid-19 here in Mazatlan, that IMSS refused to test. Worse than AMLO’s do nothing response to the virus is his lack of help for the millions of Mexicans who have lost their livelihoods and their homes. Even in the US, funds were made available for the unemployed.
    Add all of that to his lack of response or empathy to the women of Mexico who have been abused or murdered, and his response to the cartels and he has been a disaster for Mexico. It seems he auctioned off his soul, rather than the presidential airplane.

  • Werner - 4 weeks ago

    AMLO is the President Mexico needed after all the previous corrupted administrations. He keeps his promises and people with lesser income are now better off than before.
    The establishment never likes a outsider just look across the border to the North, fake news hates outsiders and so do politicians who think they own the country.

  • Fernando Betanzos - 4 weeks ago

    "Primero muerto que renunciar" Spanish for "I rather die than resign!! Mr. López is a sick man... and I most certainly do not wish him dead, but it may just happen since he does not seem to be taken care of his health. Do watch his "mañaneras", or Daily Morning Conferences to see how his beguinning to fail. He seems to forget things and since he is too proud to use "notes", he talks out of memory, improvises and there are times when you can see he becomes slower than usual.

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