Did you watch the presidential debate?
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  • Iman - 2 years ago

    I chose not watch the debate, there was no point. We weren’t going to learn anything new about this man that we already didn’t know. I literally feel sick if I listen to his voice for too long. And the commentary and highlight from people who did watch it let me know I was correct in my decision. I was annoyed with folks acting surprised that he wouldn’t denounce white supremacy. . .he ran on it! And every time some race related crime happens he talks around it or says crap like “both sides blah blah blah”.
    CardiB’s commentary was good, Amanda Seals’ was entertaining. But I already know how and who I’m voting for. If there is anything to be surprised about, it would be if someone told me they were honestly on the fence about who they were voting for before this debate.

    Love y’all.

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