Vote for your Classic Ford Of The Year 2020!

  • Raymond Stewart - 3 weeks ago

    Car B for me. The Brooklands is immaculate throughout, well deserved vote!

  • Craig - 3 weeks ago

    All 12 cars are amazing but it's got to be the Brookie for me,
    Stunning ????

  • Fiona Donald - 3 weeks ago

    It's got to be car B for my vote, what a stunning Capri!!

  • David Lewis - 3 weeks ago

    Car B The Brooklands Capri gets my vote

    Some lovely cars there and they all look good but the Capri looks perfect

  • Ian Campbell - 3 weeks ago

    Stunning Brooklands Capri got my vote

  • Neil burch - 4 weeks ago

    Lovely looking car. Good job

  • Christine Wright - 4 weeks ago

    It took Wayne Arrowsmith 14 years to restore this MK11, I have been a motor sport fan since 1969 and being involved with a team in the British Saloon Car Championship in the 1970's. This is the winner for me, it looks amazing! What great cars we had in this era.

  • Derek - 4 weeks ago

    Popular what a blast from the past! well done Dave C

  • Joan - 4 weeks ago

    Car A- beautiful can see a lot of hard work gone into that well done Dave Caley a winner!

  • Stephen Cale - 4 weeks ago

    love it

  • Karen - 4 weeks ago

    Great car

  • Tina Davis - 4 weeks ago

    Car A
    That's Poptastic, Dave! ????
    Great job Dave Caley!

  • Antony - 4 weeks ago

    Looks gorgeous

  • Antony - 4 weeks ago

    Looks gorgeous

  • Michael mawbey - 4 weeks ago

    A plumbers dream, the quickest way to an emergency,
    Beautifully restored & well thought about,
    Lots of blood & tears & well done Mick Wood ????????.

  • Mark Reeder - 4 weeks ago

    Awesome Van and a true gentleman

  • Paul branion - 4 weeks ago

    Absolutely fantastic rebuild, an old time classic that most of us in the 70s drove at some point ????

  • Marie - 4 weeks ago

    Stunning car, beautifully restored by Dave Caley.... Top class

  • Jan Hyland - 4 weeks ago

    Great car love it well done dave

  • Ian - 4 weeks ago

    The Pop is just awesome

  • Paul - 4 weeks ago

    Great car mate well done top rate job

  • Gleny - 4 weeks ago

    Clearly Dave Caley's 100E
    What's not to like - Classic

  • Teresa - 4 weeks ago

    Dave’s! Pop .....Choice A 100% ....a real proper job! Stunning!

  • Tom D - 4 weeks ago

    Got to be bens MK18 festa all the way ????

  • Percy stark - 4 weeks ago

    Cos Wayne's is the dogs .

  • Johny - 4 weeks ago

    love Ben's mk1

  • Simon weston - 4 weeks ago

    Stunning restoration. Artists in metal and paint

  • Charles - 4 weeks ago

    Olly's escort all the way

  • Jason Jacques - 4 weeks ago

    My dad used to have one of these

  • Lissa - 4 weeks ago

    Because Ann told me to ????

  • Specialagentk - 4 weeks ago

    The orange mk1 is a sexy beast! ????

  • Steve - 4 weeks ago

    Car is a masterpiece & Fast as fuxx

  • Joy - 4 weeks ago

    Stunning CAR!!!

  • Natalia - 4 weeks ago


  • Chris long - 4 weeks ago

    Stunning car .

  • Olivia - 4 weeks ago

    I helped Ben build this car in his garage. Please keep voting for it. Olivia x

  • Katrina Hawkins - 4 weeks ago

    Simply a stunning car

  • Chase Dobbie - 4 weeks ago

    I love this car! Always get the cameras flashing ( and gatso cameras)

  • Shells - 4 weeks ago

    Basically got bullied into this..

  • Harley - 4 weeks ago

    I love my daddies car

  • Brad shaw - 4 weeks ago

    Stunning car top to bottom !

  • Stuart Crawshaw - 4 weeks ago

    Awesome car, sounds well and performs well too.

  • Panda ???? - 4 weeks ago

    Come on guys bens fiesta is real nice proper lovely.. real bargain!!

  • Panda - 4 weeks ago

    Bens fiesta is proper nice and proper fast as well very lovely!

  • Ben Gibbs - 4 weeks ago

    Well you can clearly see I put effort love and a lot of time into this build. All I can say is it’s crazy she caused me so many headaches but we got there in the end. Thanks to Classic Ford for unveiling her at Classic Ford Show 2019. And for having her on the stand at Ford Fair. Also a massive thanks for all the votes so far it would mean the world to me to win as I’m not a mechanic or engineer I don’t have a massive workshop with ramps. I built this in my garage at home

  • Alan wood - 4 weeks ago

    Car j orange mk1 escort beautiful resto lot’s of lovely hidden details the more you look the more you see good job ????

  • Yohan De Silva - 4 weeks ago

    Orange Escort of Mr Woods looks fabulous from a distance and only gets better close up. Amazing resto work which puts a modern twist to a classic

  • Rory Mulpeter - 4 weeks ago

    Lovely motor

  • Kayleigh Legrand - 4 weeks ago

    Love cars broom broom

  • Jade - 4 weeks ago

    Car C for the winnnnn

  • Brooke D Lewis - 4 weeks ago


  • Bob - 4 weeks ago

    Poopoo head

  • Sophie david - 4 weeks ago

    Looks good !!

  • Robert Saywell - 4 weeks ago

    Had a corsair just like this.Still go the ash tray.

  • Lewis Coleman - 4 weeks ago

    My dad is awsome I love him he builds 10/10 cars if you need to ask someone about a car it would be him

  • charley - 4 weeks ago


  • Tremayne Jennings - 4 weeks ago

    Beautiful restoration!

  • Lewis Coleman - 4 weeks ago

    This car is a bute is love to be able to build one of these

  • Zoe - 4 weeks ago


  • Barry - 4 weeks ago

    That rear engines mk1 fiesta looks a monster!

  • Josh - 4 weeks ago

    Bens MK1 Fiesta is an absolute worldie

  • Jake - 4 weeks ago

    Absolutely stunning Mk1 fiesta!

  • Adela Hollingsworth - 4 weeks ago

    Got to be Ben's MK1 Fiesta!

  • Lisa Woods - 4 weeks ago

    Looking good!

  • Jim - 4 weeks ago

    Rear engined ,big power mk1 fiesta , the work involved in that car is outstanding what a build .performance to match the looks .

  • Ryan - 4 weeks ago

    That MK1 Fiesta by Ben is a beast

  • Carol Thorne - 4 weeks ago

    Beautiful car !! Lots of love gone into that.

  • Steven allen - 4 weeks ago

    What a stunning looking car the ford Capri mk1 f is. Truly a lot of time and love went into the restoration

  • David Challenger - 4 weeks ago

    Ford Capri mk1 f

  • jake gibbs - 4 weeks ago

    Clearly my dads built yet another 10/10 car, deserves to be seen as the best

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