Should Hippolyta come back to her Earth?


  • EvieE - 2 years ago

    I think Hypolyta should stay where she is. Dee will jus have to learn it’s a hard knock life. Fuck them kids.

  • Iman - 2 years ago

    I voted “Yes” she needs to go back. Only because I really would love to see her use her new skills to aid Tic and everyone. I also would want her to go back and take Dee back into the other dimension with her.
    It could also be cool if this season is a “one and done”, they could spin off and we could watch Hippolyta & Dee’s adventures in time & space.
    But if Hippolyta doesn’t go back, I can understand that. Today’s world seems mighty crappy, but back then it was even worse. I emphasize with wanting to escape and never return.
    Karen your explanation of the feeling of this episode made me teary eyed, it was beautiful and exactly how I felt watching this episode. And yes those pregnancy senses are out of this world! I couldn't stand the smell of so many things when I was pregnant. I was also mad because as a Muslim born and raised, while pregnant I LOVED the smell of ham. I was so angry at this child! LOL. I would have to carry around a jar of peanut butter and continually snack on it. Baby wanted all the meats and proteins lol!

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