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Will the tourists come this winter or will it be too soon for most travelers?

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  • Pepe - 4 years ago

    Left in March. Spent 5 glorious years in San Miguel. Will not return until June and only if I have been vaccinated. Dearly love Mexico but do not want to die there.

  • Todd Stong - 4 years ago

    This will be my 18th winter in central Mexico, the happiest chapter in my life. I have been a free engineer for 43 villages about Lake Chapala, 330,000 impoverished natives, for water supply, wastewater treatment and job creation. The death risk from Covid-19 appears to be similar to the USA, about each 1500 of the general population. For those that are infected with the virus, about 1 in 30 dies. Mexico's key negative factor is lean medical capability. Of special note, near 1400 doctors and nurses have been taken by the virus,many due to lack of protective clothing. On the positive side, first, Mexico cherishes its elderly, cares for them at home, and does not consider warehousing them in dangerous rest homes as in the US. My sister is in such a home in the US where 65% of the clients have died, second positive factor, while the median age in western Europe and the US is 42, it is only 28 years old in Mexico,thus more young people, less people over age 60. Contact with people, their numbers and how much they move about, demands one stay out of the 10-20 largest cities.

  • Doreen Archer - 4 years ago

    Booked for January 14 to 31 at crown paradise club. Owners how safe is it to come that time of month? Will reschedule if need be.

  • Fernando Betanzos - 4 years ago

    Pete (five days ago): Sorry to hear about your problems with a hogl who does not even answer your communications requesting refund for prepaid services properly cancelled. If you will please provide details I ill be happy to help. No cost to you at all.
    Fernando Betanzos

  • Russ Henderson - 4 years ago

    I am going in December and and may stay permanently. I usually spend 6 to 7 months but leaving a little later due to some work I have to finish. I have a great place to be as isolated as I choose. Life is short. I will die there. Sooner or later.

  • Bob - 4 years ago

    With the Banderas news of PVR October 8 i cancel my trip for now

  • Frankie - 4 years ago

    I would love to come, but I don’t feel Mexico has done a very good or honest job keeping people truthfully informed, or protected. Sad... we all lose.

  • Paul Beddows - 4 years ago

    I normally spend winters in Mexico, bit I am not a fan of Russian Roulette. I can survive one season in Canada.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 4 years ago

    NOTHING HAS CHANGED, and nothing will change for the next 2/3 years. A return to normalcy is not even on the horizon. Hunker down and wear your mask. Seniors are so vulnerable. Those who say they have a "clean" restaurant and grocery store to go to are fooling themselves and their families. STOP LYING. This virus is still amok. It has not only taken the silly bloom off the complicit roses, but it also has taken the bloom out of millions of Human lives. Morgue workers say death by Covid-19 has delivered them some of the most grotesque carcasses they've ever seen, with such sights as caved-in chests, bulging eyeballs, twisted mouths and sucked-in noses. That's the seven o'clock news...Good night...

  • Milagros - 4 years ago

    how sad yet lovely your words were

    -El Codo- -

    I remain in profound cuarentena.. only shopping in chain markets with strict rules, thermometer checks, distancing marks, and mask rules.

    ~~~It all takes the bloom off the rose.~~~~

    Extraño a mi amado México

  • Bob Corkrum - 4 years ago

    I will be there OCT.26th before the election results.If TRAMP is president I'll stay much longer.Hope to see better use of common sense regarding covid 19 protections.

  • Pete - 4 years ago

    Long-booked plan to come in January. No communication after many emails, texts, calls from hotel we had booked and made down payment many months ago. Resorts had better perform on customer service, or damage will be even longer lasting.

  • George - 4 years ago

    The question is asking us for conjecture on the future for tourism. How on Earth should we know, based on the info received through the U.S. Embassy at CDMX, relaying COVID-19 releases from the Federal government.

    The government is still urging citizens to “STAY HOME!!!”

    And conditions in the U.S. are still running amok. Watching CNN right now, the number of COVID-19 U.S. deaths is 211,405. The number of COVID cases is 7,525,105. And climbing. The White House West Wing is being called a Ghost Town. .People who work there are staying home.

    Does anyone REALLY want these folks to feel free to come down here for tourism, sports and recreation?

  • Gillian Macgregor - 4 years ago

    We always drive to Baja. California but the Us/Canada border remains closed, so we are being forced to stay in Canada. This is breaking my heart.

  • -El Codo- - 4 years ago


    I remain in profound cuarentena.. only shopping in chain markets with strict rules, thermometer checks, distancing marks, and mask rules. It all takes the bloom off the rose.

  • Winn - 4 years ago

    Planned a trip at XMas. Continues to be risky. Have had to cancel the trip after family consciences.
    Very disappointing. This new reality is stark in its power to humble us all.
    Be safe, practice the safeguards & eat healthy.

  • Jim - 4 years ago

    To Al Gibson:
    You must be watching too much Faux News. Covid-19 is six times as deadly as the flu. Unlike the flu, there is no proven vaccine, despite some that may have promise. Even if you do not die, the after affects can be horrendous, including lung, heart, and brain damage.

  • Alberta - 4 years ago

    Very scary times. When you consider the age of snowbirds,myself included, we ARE at most risk.
    As much as we will miss our time in the Baja,we will respect the health of everyone and stay home in Canada. Stay safe all.

  • Robert Titi - 4 years ago

    Am I going to visit?
    I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t.
    My cousin has a toothache in her heal and my nephew eats a box lunch.

  • Robert Titi - 4 years ago

    Am I going to visit?
    I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t.
    My cousin has a toothache in her heal and my nephew eats a box lunch.

  • Robin Marie Chernault - 4 years ago

    We had to move back to US (TX) from Playa del Carmen because of my health and an undiagnosed issue last year. Now diagnosed, we are actually preparing to move back to MX. My health is better off there! I’m dying anyways! I want to go back home to my beloved MX. The US is so full of misinformation! Not that AMLO is doing a great job. But, as another comment or said you only live once and I want to be back in the country that welcomed us 6 years ago with open arms. Stay safe and healthy everyone

  • Werner - 4 years ago

    Lot will depend on how cold this winter will be especially for Canadians. After resisting winter for a few hard weeks they will make arrangements to fly south and both Mexico and Cuba is their choice for a winter escape.
    Americans have choices within their own country and might just opt more than usual for enjoying warm winter escapes within the US.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 4 years ago

    As I have previously noted to disgusting indifference here, the Coronavirus is airborne, which means that you're susceptible to contracting it ANYWHERE you may be breathing, Mexico or elsewhere. Your precautions remain the absolute key to whether you get it and die a horrific, gasping-gasping-for-life-sustaining-air death, or whether you manage to elude its killing grasp and live to take another swig of your Scotch. No one is safe, not here and not anywhere. Live your Life as if it could end on any given outing of any given day. That is the power and cruelty of a pandemic. You are no match for its sneakiness and its strength, its heartless assault on the frailty of Humans, especially the Dumb...

  • Todd - 4 years ago

    To Al Gibson, Pls comment on what insurance companies are covering COVID-19. Thx
    BTW, We will be spending our normal 6 months sabbatical in our home in Manzanillo.

  • Thomas - 4 years ago

    Thanks, but NO thanks this inter in Mexico.Far too risky and no guarantee that the insurance company will actually pay out when it comes to a possible COVID related claim. Read the small print and you’ll see that 99% of the Covid related claims shall not be paid put.
    Also, with the crazy, irresponsible manner in which the USA is handling the pandemic...image having to be in their company in Mexico where they’ll be a s careless as at home!
    If you value your health, your family and your live, be sensible and skip this winter going down to Mexico and hope that next year may be better. Feel very sorry for the local Mexicans who so often rely on the tourist dollars, but one has to be sensible and do the right thing, as you only live once!

  • Shirley Schuett - 4 years ago

    Too soon. Too Risky. Not enough accurate information has come from the Government. We would be celebrating our 10th year in Mazatlan and dearly love this city and her people but I have family at home here that I need to think of. Both my husband and I are Immune Compromised and cannot take the chance. Makes us both very ????!

  • Michael - 4 years ago

    Ham 74 lived England Mexico for 35 years now live full time in Aguascalientes you only live once do watt you want be happy your long time dead live life to the full

  • Bonnie - 4 years ago

    I live in a condo/hotel in Acapulco year round. I am in communication with many snow-bird owners from the United States and Canada. I have been advised that the majority of the owners will not be coming this year our of genuine fear. The condo is taking every precaution against the virus, but people do not want to be stuck on the premises. These people have been coming here for many, many years and enjoy going to the zocalo and many other places in Acapulco. Sad.

  • Celestial Fisher - 4 years ago

    We will be there and we cant wait!! So tired all of the BS in the states. Its time to get away and spend time with all our friends in San Jose.

  • Al Gibson - 4 years ago

    We're planning on coming for our 3 months. Insurance is starting to be available for covid also. It is a virus just like any other although a little more severe than the flu, so just have to be a little more careful.

  • Sharron Sax - 4 years ago

    First time in 26 years we will not come. Cannot get health insurance for covid. Come for 3 months and will miss all our friends there.

  • Sharron Sax - 4 years ago

    First time in 26 years we will not come. Cannot get health insurance for covid. Come for 3 months and will miss all our friends there.

  • Don - 4 years ago

    Sadly in my circles it seems that many are holding off until January before they decide and likely many of those will not even go in January. ????
    Let’s hope 2021/2022 is a better season. ????

  • Hilary - 4 years ago

    We would love to come but we’d lose our house if one of us got COVID-19 and had to be in hospital and put on a ventilator. If we can get insurance that will cover it, we’ll come but right now all we can do is wait and see.

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